Bison Gears Adds Custom AC Motors

March 15, 2006—Bison Gear and Engineering plans to begin manufacturing their own line of AC motors in their St. Charles, IL, facility beginning in April 2006.

According to the company’s press releae, motors will be available in the 34and 49 frame. The 34 frame (3.3" OD) will have a power range of 1/80 HP to 1/10 HP (75W) with a 1/2 standard shaft diameter. The 49 frame (4.9 OD) Will have a power range of 1/10 HP (75W) to 1/4 HP (185W) and a 1/2" standard shaft diameter.

Motors will be available as PSC, split phase, three-phase and three-phase inverter style. Several winding configurations are available.