New Linear Bearings from The Precision Alliance

January 30, 2006—The MONORACE Series of linear bearings from The Precision Alliance can carry payloads range from 50-5,000 lbs. over distances up to and exceeding four meters.

According to the company's press release, the MONORACE is built from extruded steel and suitable for precision motor applications.

A bearing-rail interface compensates for mild rail misalignments. This allows for use on low precision surfaces such as welded steel frames, sheet metal housings and aluminum-based frames. In addition, the MONORACE tolerates contamination and works in dustry, gritty or otherwise dirty environments.

Available in three basic rail sizes: 18, 28 and 43 mm and with standard and extended Sliders, the MONRACE system can be sized to numerous applications. Rails up to 4 meters long can be spliced for longer travel.

The MONRACE can be installoed on low precision surfaces without suffering from mechanical binding.