Bison Gear Appoints New Preident, Executive Vice President

January 10, 2006—Larry Kujovich was appointed president of Bison Gear and Engineering. The company also promoted George Thomas to executive vice president.

Kujovich has served as president of Chesire (a Xerox company) and Xerox Medical Systems. He was a divisional vice president at The Toro Co. Additioally, Kujovich has held the position of president and CEO of Dietzgen Corp., ACEX, a technology start-up company and ultimately became the owner.

George Thomas started with Bison in 1983 as an applicatons engineer, later became a product manager and then facilitated the introduction of a company-wide total quality management program and lean manufacturing initatives. In 1993, Thomas was named vice president of engineering. He became vice president of operations in 1996 and senior vice president in 2004.

Ronald D. Bullock continues to serve as chairman and CEO. He has been with Bison since 1981 and acquired the company in 1987. Since that time, he has initiated Bison's entry into the European market, expanded the product line, added new distribution channels and established a research and development facility.