Emerson Announces Five Point Relief Plan for Hurricane Victims

March 2, 2005—Kop-Flex, a business unit of Emerson Power Transmission, contacted 400 customers in the Gulf Coast region to offer a five point relief package following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

1. All off-the-shelf couplings purchased from Emerson Power Transmission (Kop-Flex, Browning and Morse) will be discounted 20%.

2. Customers ordering engineered couplings will receive a 10% discount.

3. Orders for dual flexible element elastomer couplings, for motor-to-pump applications, will be filled at a 25% discount.

4. Kop-Flex will probide a sales or plant engineer in selection, design and supervision of installation, if requested at no extra charge.

5. Any coupling purchased for disaster relief, if so indicated, willbe expedited through the Kop-Flex operations and warehouse for immediate shipment. Any special handling or expedited delivery charges will be waived.

For all plants directly impacted by Hurricane Katrina or Rita, the Kop-Flex offer is valid through Mar. 5, according to the company's press release.

"Many of the process industries in the Gulf Coast region, like petrochemical plants, oil refineries and beverage and packing plants, have been severely impacted by the hurricanes," says Parthiv Amin, vice president of marketing for Kop-Flex. "Thus far, we've had six customers take us up on this offer. They are very appreciative of what we are doing."