Ontario Drive and Gear Signs Memorandum with Textron Systems

Textron has submitted a proposal to supply 500 Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicles (TAPVs) to the Canadian Army.

Textron has submitted a proposal to supply 500 Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicles (TAPVs) to the Canadian Army.

March 27, 2012—

Textron Systems Canada Inc. recently announced that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ontario Drive and Gear Limited (ODG) of New Hamburg, Ontario for possible work on the Textron Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) for the Canadian Forces. Textron has submitted a proposal to supply 500 vehicles to the Canadian Army with an option for up to 100 additional TAPVs, all to be outfitted with gearing, shafts and collars for the transmission transfer cases from Ontario Drive and Gear.

"The Government of Canada has stated it wants to procure the best possible equipment for the Canadian Army. We have engaged great partners like Ontario Drive & Gear to ensure that the Textron TAPV we propose to deliver will be the best option to protect Canadian soldiers," said Neil Rutter, general manager of Textron Systems Canada.

The Textron TAPV is the most reliable and technologically advanced vehicle of its kind, and it draws on the company's more than 45 years of experience in the design and production of armored vehicles.  A technology readiness level 8 vehicle, the Textron TAPV will provide the Canadian Forces with the optimal balance of survivability, mobility and versatility, while delivering outstanding performance in the world's most challenging environments. Extensively tested to confirm ballistic, blast, mobility and reliability levels, the Textron TAPV has been engineered to meet and exceed Canada's requirements. If awarded the TAPV contact, Textron Systems Canada will become the prime contractor for the program; and through its Industrial and Regional Benefits obligations to Canada, Textron expects to bring new opportunities to other Canadian companies.

Textron currently employs more than 1,800 Canadians at its Textron Systems Canada, Bell Helicopter and Kautex facilities in Canada. Textron companies have procured more than $3.5 billion of materials manufactured by Canadian supplier companies in the past three years.

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