AMT Applauds Bloom Appointment

February 9, 2011—

The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) applauds President Obama's creation of a new post overseeing manufacturing policy. Ron Bloom was named Special Assistant to the President for Manufacturing Policy within the White House's National Economic Council. Bloom has been the administration's auto czar since 2009 and has overseen the auto industry restructuring.  AMT's president Douglas K. Woods is optimistic that the move is a step in the right direction toward establishing a national manufacturing strategy. "For nearly two years, and as part of our Manufacturing Mandate, AMT has been advocating for the appointment of a senior position on manufacturing policy at the White House," said Woods. "I'm hopeful this is recognition from the administration that job creation and competitiveness depend on a national agenda that emphasizes the importance of manufacturing."

"America's future depends on a strong commitment from our federal government to revitalize our manufacturing sector," continued Woods. "The President was on target when he underscored the importance of innovation and research and development (R&D); global competitiveness; and education and a skilled workforce (or "smartforce") in his speech. These are the drivers of sustained economic growth. AMT stands ready to work with Mr. Bloom on a national manufacturing strategy that ensures American companies have the foundation and the tools they need to be top competitors around the world."

AMT's Manufacturing Mandate calls for a consistent, cohesive approach to managing the government's manufacturing initiatives. The Mandate recommends establishing a central manufacturing policy structure within the Executive Branch to develop policy, focus research and coordinate implementation of programs. "Duplicate efforts, complicated bureaucracies and unclear directives waste valuable federal dollars and deter capital investment and R&D," Woods noted.  "AMT was encouraged by the President's remarking during his State of the Union address that a restructuring of our federal government is long overdue. We see Ron Bloom's appointment as a step toward reconciling the dozens of conflicting policies related to manufacturing; and look forward to better collaboration and coordination among agencies on more meaningful manufacturing initiatives."

The full Manufacturing Mandate "Unleashing a Dynamic Innovation Economy" is available at the website below. Printed copies are available by calling 703-893-2900.