VFS Sells Furnace to Bio-Vac

February 17, 2005—Vacuum Furnace Corp. sold a vacuum furnace to Bio-Vac Corp. for their Southfield, MI orthopedic coatings plant. The new horizontal two-bar external quenching system will join four other VFS furnaces currently in operation at this plant, plus two at the Bio-Vic facility in Valencia, Spain.

According to the company's press release, the VFS Model HEQ03836-2 minimizes oxidation and enhances adhesion and luster of the coating. The furnace has a work zone of 24" wide by 24" high x 36" deep and a graphite-insulated hot zone and GraForm curved graphite heating elements that can be used in their proprietary coating process for orthopedic implants.

In addition, the furnace's programmer/controller contains an interactive touch-screen workstation.