Cicoil’s Custom Shaped Flat Cables Eliminate Problems Caused by Precise Routing

August 6, 2007—

For space-sensitive electronics, Cicoil features custom shaped flat silicone cables. The custom shaping allows for very precise cable routing without folding, kinking or pinching. The custom shapes also contribute to the elimination of signal failures due to physical stress at the cable connector.

Cicoil offers this capability as part of its custom cable assembly fabrication services already in use by aerospace, avionics, and robotics companies. With ongoing efforts in miniaturization and space efficiency, this Cicoil capability has uses in medical diagnostic equipment, motion control robotics,
marine electronics, and automotive applications. 

The  cables are compatible with all electronics connectors, including custom PCB components.

Flat silicone cables are available with wire gages from 4 to 44 AWG, in various configurations required. According to Cicoil's press release, its proprietary extrusion process allows multiple wires to be placed in a flat cable, precisely controlling the wire spacing, the insulation thickness, and the overall cable shape. Designers can create exactly the cable needed, in the smallest possible

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