Southern Gear Expands Bevel Gear Production

Southern Gear has added two Gleason 102 Generators.

Southern Gear has added two Gleason 102 Generators.

March 10, 2022—
Southern Gear has added two rebuilt Gleason No. 102 Generators to its production capabilities to meet growing demand for smaller, high-precision straight bevel gears produced with the Coniflex process. 

The 102s add capacity to Southern Gear’s straight bevel gear production capability, which also includes Gleason No. 14 and No. 104 Coniflex Generators.

“While these dedicated, manually operated machines might seem out of place alongside the advanced CNC machines occupying most of our shop floor, they are still an excellent solution for the production of small straight bevel gears using the highly desirable Coniflex method,” explains Southern Gear President Karen Malin. “Most importantly, we have the experience and operators needed to take full advantage of these machines.”

The addition of the Gleason 102 Generators is part of a multi-million dollar, company-wide investment in new technologies, methodologies and processes that, over the last several years, has, according to Malin, added much needed capacity to Southern Gear’s vertically-integrated shop floor.

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