Sakor Technologies Releases New Series of Small Motoring Dynamometers

June 29, 2007—

Sakor Technologies Inc. introduced the MicroDyneT series of small motoring dynamometers.

Best suited for a wide range of automotive, military and aerospace testing applications, this dynamometer is capable of testing all types of small rotary devices such as motors, pumps, generators, compressors and more.

The MicroDyne is a fully functional, four-quadrant dynamometer engineered specifically for low power applications. Versions are available in sizes from 100 watts to 5kwW.  For applications operating at 5 kW  and above, the AccuDyneT AC dynamometer system is compatible with larger rotary components as well as conventional engine and power train systems, hybrid vehicle drives and electric motors.

According to the company's press release, both the AccuDyne and MicroDyne offer precise speed and torque control. This is especially true in low speed applications where full torque can be applied all the way to stall (zero speed).  Modern drive technology also allows the systems to provide seamless crossover between motoring and loading modes. Advanced features for additional testing requirements include inertia simulation, engine simulation, and NVH testing capability.



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