Zero-Max Safety Devices Offer Options for Corrosive and Washdown Applications

Zero-Max Torq-Tender (L) and H-TLC (R) Overload Safety Devices.

Zero-Max Torq-Tender (L) and H-TLC (R) Overload Safety Devices.

January 28, 2022—
Zero-Max Overload Safety Devices protect motor and drive systems from overload while offering options to withstand corrosive environments and necessary washdowns. These options provide protection from direct water spray, washdown chemicals, detergents, chemical exposure, and debris.

These unique Overload Safety Devices are ideal for applications ranging from food processing, packaging, commercial dishwashers, industrial parts washers and any applications with similar challenging operating conditions. 

Providing both torque limiting and coupling functions in a compact design, these Zero-Max Overload Safety Devices can operate as a coupling and an overload safety device connecting two inline shafts in a power transmission system. Power Take-Off models are also available for use with chain or belt drives.  These Overload Safety Devices protect motor and drive systems from excessive overloading and potentially expensive system jam ups, especially after factoring in for equipment repairs, product loss, and any downtime incurred resulting from a jam up.  They also offer easy re-engagement, allowing the system to be running again as quickly as possible.

Torq-Tender Overload Safety Devices include high-phosphorous nickel plating, stainless steel exterior, O-ring seals, lubrication options (food grade grease and/or dry lube coating) and more.

Standard H-TLC Overload Safety Devices include stainless steel exterior, stainless steel springs, food grade grease and more.

Both Torq-Tender and H-TLC models are available in a variety of mounting configurations including use as a coupling model, or as a power take-off model for use with chain or belt drives.

Actuating Pin or Actuating Disc options are available for interfacing with a limit switch, proximity switch, or other sensing device to signal that an overload is occurring, or to shut down the drive motor when an overload occurs.  This automated shut-down prevents excess wear on the machine’s driveline components. 


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