SDP/SI Discusses Manufacturing Career Misconceptions with Students

West Islip High School tour at SDP/SI.

West Islip High School tour at SDP/SI.

January 10, 2022—
With manufacturing jobs going unfilled there is an urgent need to create interest in choosing manufacturing as a career path. Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) is on a mission to correct any misconceptions young people and their families may have about manufacturing.

Connecting with local schools has become a priority. SDP/SI, a Designatronics brand, recently opened its doors to West Islip High School allowing students and their teachers a glimpse into a modern-day manufacturing company. Touring the facility, they entered a safe, bright, spacious, and clean environment where rows of CNC machines were working to produce thousands of small precision gears and mechanical components. Meeting the machinists they learned about the day-to-day operation, years of experience, and opportunities that exist. 

“When talking with the students, we attempt to share our enthusiasm about what we do and how rewarding a career manufacturing can be,” said Robert Kufner, CEO and president of Designatronics. “Most young people don’t realize the numerous opportunities that are available to them as they increase their skill level, with the willingness to learn various paths open for advancement.”

Last month SDP/SI joined Oerlikon Metco, another local manufacturer, in presenting an interactive program to Nassau County Boces Schools via ZOOM. Creating a video specifically for the event SDP/SI was able to tell their story and focus on what is offered today’s manufacturing employees such as better wages and benefits, growth opportunities, clean and safe working conditions, apprenticeship programs, college tuition reimbursement, and so much more. Tours of the facilities, interviews with machinists on the shop floor, and question and answer sessions were included. “Perhaps manufacturing is not your first choice as a career path, but do you have a Plan B?” Kufner asked. “We are excited about the future of manufacturing and by sharing our experiences we hope to spark interest in choosing manufacturing as a viable career.”


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