Ringfeder Couplings Offer Concentricity for Precision Applications

The Ringfeder GWE 5113 series of elastomer jaw servo-couplings features a new hub design.

The Ringfeder GWE 5113 series of elastomer jaw servo-couplings features a new hub design.

April 7, 2021—
Ringfeder Power Transmission recently released its GWE 5113 and 5117 series of elastomer jaw couplings which include a compact hub design, low moment of inertia and excellent damping properties. Thanks to this combination of features, these new couplings are ideal for linear technology, robotics, conveyor systems and other precision-driven applications.

Featuring two single-slit clamping hubs made of high-strength aluminum, the 5113 model facilitates installation, while its symmetrical clamping slots and screw positions ensure an even distribution of mass. With this optimized design, the coupling offers superior concentricity and eliminates any radial loads that can damage the bearings of the motor shaft. This hub design is also featured in the 5117 model, which includes an expanding mandrel for friction-locked torque transmission on hollow shafts.

Other features and benefits of the 5113 and 5117 models include:

Low mass and an even weight distribution due to their special aluminum hub.
Superior concentricity and uniform vibration- and shock-damping power transmission, owing to the symmetrical arrangement of the clamping slots and screw positions, as well as the unslotted cam area.
Compact design, making units ideal for small or confined installation spaces.
Precise, backlash-free torque transmission up to 560 Newton meters.
Seven available sizes with wide bore diameters from 4 to 56 millimeters.
Adjustable misalignment capabilities, damping properties and torsional stiffness levels, thanks to bored and unbored elastomer spiders that range in Shore hardness levels from 80 Shore A to 64 Shore D.
Optional coupling hubs with keyways to DIN 6885-1 or standard inch dimensions.
Laser marking for easy traceability. These markings include the coupling type designation, manufacturing date and screw-tightening torques.
Optional ATEX compliance for explosive areas.

In addition, Ringfeder has applied QR codes to these couplings starting from size 19, providing users with quick, convenient access to assembly and operating instructions via a mobile device.

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