Lenze’s New Inverter Offers IP65 Protection to Vector-Based Motor Controls

June 11, 2007—The new SMV frequency inverter from Lenze Ltd. includes an enclosure that allows outdoor use or use in damp environments with protection against low pressure jets.

Applications include machinery such as conveyors, food productions and packaging lines as well as small HVAC systems. Sensorless vector operation provides faster dynamic torque response and low speed operation.

An easy-to-use facia keypad offers a choice of on-board parameter sets that ensure basic control and set up procedure can be completed in seconds. A programmable plug-in memory chip can be plugged under the drive cover, allowing machine manufacturers to copy across an entire operating set within seconds. The drive can be commissioned without turning it on and can also be exchanged by transferring the memory chip to a new drive.

Lenze Ltd.