Electromate Offers SMAC LDL25 Linear Actuator

SMAC LDL25 Linear Actuator

SMAC LDL25 Linear Actuator

March 17, 2021—
The LDL has been designed as a cost-competitive alternative to pneumatics. A common trend in industrial automation is that users are looking for electric alternatives to their pneumatic components for a number of reasons: control, cycle life, operating cost and environment, etc. The LDL series actuator features several innovative cost reduction elements that result in a list price starting at $300 US.

Features include:

•Dimensions [mm]: 180x63.5x25.4
•Stroke [mm]: 50 (10, 25 and 100 will be added)
•Peak Force [N]: 30 (48VDC)
•Encoder Resolution [µm] : 5 standard, 1 optional
•Long life cycle tested to 500 million cycles
•Fully programmable in force, position and velocity
•SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ technology
•Built-in controller type available
•Cost competitive: starting at $300 US for 10 mm stroke