KTR Develops EVOLASTIC Coupling

EVOLASTIC by KTR Corporation

EVOLASTIC by KTR Corporation

February 2, 2021—
KTR developed a new all-purpose coupling for use in a broad range of applications from main to auxiliary drives in construction equipment and general industry. The zero-backlash and torsionally soft EVOLASTIC is available in ten base sizes and with variants in between covering nominal torques from 100 to 5,600 Nm. Spacers for large DBSE (distance between shaft ends) applications are also available.

The heart of the EVOLASTIC is a new, non-shear elastomer element that transmits torque through integrated aluminum jaw inside the optimized rubber profile. The elastomer is securely fastened to the hub and flange by radial and axial bolts which creates a designed prestress (similar to high strength concrete) that assures reliable torque transmission. The coupling requires low maintenance and compensates for permanent angular misalignments of up to 3° in a single plane while being able to accommodate significantly higher multi-plane misalignments than standard designs.

"Owing to its torsionally soft characteristics, the EVOLASTIC attains the requested vibration and acoustic insulation in the drive train. Besides torque transmission, the coupling also compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment and absorbs overloads elastically,” said Jochen Exner, innovation manager at KTR’s think tank in Hilden, Germany.

The EVOLASTIC is the first new product release to evolve from KTR’s think tank which opened in 2019 and whose sole focus is new products.

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