Heidenhain Showcases Motion Control Technologies at SLAS2021

NGS flow cell

NGS flow cell

January 13, 2021—
Heidenhain is proud to showcase motion control enabling technologies at the upcoming SLAS2021 digital exposition on January 25-27. This annual global conference and expo by SLAS (Society of Lab Automation and Screening) welcomes scientists, engineers and business leaders from academia, government and industry to immerse themselves in the latest life sciences discovery and technology research and new products that can change the world. 

As a long-time world leader and provider of precision measurement and motion control components and systems, Heidenhain is committed to supporting the medical technology and laboratory automation fields with state-of-the-art equipment as they continually must meet increasing demands for accuracy, precision, speed, and cost savings. Heidenhain brands IMT, ETEL, RENCO and AMO will be represented at SLAS2021.

For those at SLAS looking for lab automation solutions for high throughput in sample analysis, Heidenhain will showcase linear encoders, linear motors, motion control systems and read-out systems. 

And for those with a specific microfluidic challenge, Heidenhain Life Sciences will highlight offers of NGS, organ-on-a-chip, single-cell analysis, cell enrichment, sample preparation and many more.

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