JM Performance Products Offers High Torque Coupling Bolts

These coupling bolts are aggressively implemented in production across a myriad of industries including automotive, medical, and aerospace, etc.

These coupling bolts are aggressively implemented in production across a myriad of industries including automotive, medical, and aerospace, etc.

January 7, 2021—
Coupling bolts used for live tooling on lathes are subject to relaxation, which occurs as a result of inadequate pre-loading of the bolts during installation, or to rough or inaccurately machined coupling faces–resulting in misalignment. This misalignment causes excessive vibration, which puts an unnecessary load on bearings, and curtails operation at full power. 

In response to a special order request, JM Performance Products, Inc. has recently expanded their product offering to include coupling bolts for live tooling on Mazak Corporation CNC lathes. These new pull bolts fully incorporate Mazak’s specifications and are uniquely manufactured to implement JMPP’s patented high torque retention knob standards from 9310H material. 

JMPP’s coupling bolts are now available for immediate shipment–eliminating the traditional long lead times for comparable imported coupling bolts for Mazak CNC lathes. Notably, the bolts are aggressively implemented in production across a myriad of industries including; automotive, medical, and aerospace, etc.
Coupling Bolt Origin/High Torque Solution

Mazak is a leading manufacturer of CNC lathe and CNC turning centers, and their coupling bolts are an essential part of a workholding system–as live tooling in the lathe workpiece moves their 5-10 axis multi-tasking machining centers. Given their essential usage in these centers, they are typically very expensive and also have lengthy lead times from overseas. This issue was addressed by a key Mazak dealer who asked JMPP Plant Manager, Craig Fischer, if it was possible for them to provide a customized solution that would meet the Mazak specifications. 

Fischer, and JMPP’s engineering team, noted that the coupling bolts shared a lot of engineering characteristics of their high torque retention knobs for V-Flange tooling. Given that JMPP currently manufactures and stocks over 400 different styles of retention knobs, the ‘coupling bolt challenge’ was a good fit and melded with their production processes nicely.

According to Fischer, “We quickly implemented our high torque design into the coupling bolt design specific to the Mazak multi-tasking machines. It’s essentially the same type of holder, so it was just a matter of how the machine holds it in and works with it. On the Mazak machine, you bolt it in via a manual process by putting the screw into the back of it and tightening it. Ultimately, the high torque design solution solves the same problem of allowing the toolholder to be in the machine without bulging and creating better taper contact. Our 9310H material also delivers higher strength.”

While other machine tool builders require similar bolts for their lathes using live tooling, the Mazak style will be JMPP’s first offering. Fischer said that JMPP is the only retention knob manufacturer of record to progressively respond to the unique modification challenge of the Mazak coupling bolt with a customized solution (based on Mazak’s specs and material)–while incorporating JMPP’s high torque standard tolerances and design features.

Coupling Bolt/High Torque Conclusion

The fact is, in the demanding COVID-19 climate, all US manufacturers will have to bundle more technology in their products to compete–at home and globally. By implementing their patented high torque retention knob design into coupling bolts for live tooling in Mazak’s multi-tasking machining center lathe workpieces, JMPP provides Mazak machine distributors with a distinct Made-in-the-USA option with competitive advantages–quicker response times, advanced production, and better pricing to their customers.

JMPP President, John Stoneback, emphasized that, “We regularly respond to requests for custom retention knobs. Ultimately, the Mazak coupling bolt customization project presented us with an opportunity to expand our line of retention knobs and other spindle maintenance products. Customers for these coupling bolts can now realize added machining savings in the form of better finishes, less runout, increased speeds and feeds, reduced machine idle-time, and improved production rates.”

JM Performance Products, Inc.