Voith CargoFlex Assists in Freight Transport

Voith CargoFlex

Voith CargoFlex

December 8, 2020—
Since May 2019, the Voith CargoFlex has been successfully deployed in day-to-day operations at SBB Cargo, a subsidiary of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). For this purpose, the 25 locomotives and 100 wagons were equipped with 200 rail-car and 50 hybrid couplers from Voith. Based on the success of the project, the transport company will automate the complete intermodal domestic transport starting June 2021. This corresponds to an expansion from the current six to 11 inland terminals in Switzerland. For that, a further 206 rail-car and 16 hybrid couplers have been ordered from Voith, and delivery has already started.

The trouble-free operation, and the positive feedback of the coupling personnel and wagon keepers, led to the decision to extend the automation to the complete combined transport.

The CargoFlex from Voith is optimally adapted to the high loads in rail freight traffic and, thanks to its light yet robust design, is created for exceptional reliability and a long service life. Furthermore, the coupler is compatible with the UIC530 directive and ensures that no changes to the wagon structure are necessary. The whole system is complemented by a modular concept for upgrades with existing and future modules as required, for example, automatic uncoupling.