Kollmorgen Offers Compact, Low-Cost R2 Rodless Actuator Series

R2A Series Rodless Actuators

R2A Series Rodless Actuators

October 5, 2020—
Kollmorgen’s R2A rodless actuators offer smooth operation with a low-friction carriage bearing design available in belt drive models for rapid index moves or screw driven models for high thrust capacity and excellent repeatability. The R2A Series offers a low-cost system to both position and guide a load and can also be configured as a cartesian system utilizing multiple actuators. Integrated motor options include Kollmorgen’s AKM family of brushless servo motors paired with AKD series servo drives or optional NEMA 23, 34 hybrid stepper motor mounts.

•Maximum stroke length to 1,830 mm (72 in)
•Belt or ball screw options with 0.2 or 0.125 in. leads
•Maximum thrust forces up to 450 N (100 lbsf)
•Maximum velocity of 2,000 mm/s with belt drive models 
•Optional single or dual carriages

R2A Series Rodless Actuators are designed for a wide variety of industrial, scientific, and commercial applications requiring control of linear thrust, speed, and position. Rodless actuators are preferred in applications desiring the elimination of guides and ways. 

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