Bosch Rexroth Launches Load Sensing Valves

Rexroth's RM10 and RM15 are easily integrated into today's energy efficient systems.

Rexroth's RM10 and RM15 are easily integrated into today's energy efficient systems.

March 26, 2020—
Bosch Rexroth introduces the RM10 and RM15 load sensing valve platform that is easy to apply for today’s functional demands. The product is easily integrated into modern, energy efficient systems and features flexible assembly with no transition plate needed between the two distinct sizes. 

The new RM10 and RM15, with flow rates of 90 and 150 lpm respectively, are cost effective, compact, general purpose, multi-application load sense directional control valves from Bosch Rexroth, optimally designed for mobile application markets. The product is based around an easy to configure, flexible assembly technique that allows for the quick, off-the-shelf configuration demanded in today’s fast paced mobile machine design, prototype and manufacturing environment. With no transition plate needed between the RM10 and RM15 or the current Rexroth M4-12 portfolio, the valve line is an ideal fit providing optimum flexibility for machines that demand varying flow rates and functions, but have limited space due to industry regulations. The valves come equipped with common industry work ports and load sense relief cartridges. 

Rexroth’s RM10 and RM15 are easily integrated into today’s energy efficient systems, working with low leakage demands at pump pressures of 280 bar and working port pressures at 320 bar – both optimized for today’s working functions in modern mobile applications. Examples of common markets or industry segments who can benefit from this product are CTL/SSL, AWP, refuse and municipal vehicles, work truck cranes, forklift trucks, telehandlers and compact construction equipment. Application functions include lift/lower tilt functions, outriggers, winches, coordinated boom control, attachment/auxillary flow functions, broom/brush motor control and blade angle/tilt/rotate.

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