Intellidrives Offers Precision Rotary Tilt Tables

Precision rotary tilt tables (gimbals).

Precision rotary tilt tables (gimbals).

January 27, 2020—
The integrated two-axes rotary gimbal assembly from Intellidrives provides high-speed machining capabilities for complex 3D part geometries. The precision-aligned system allows accurate positioning on a hemispherical surface. Multiple frame sizes with direct- or gear-driven options provide a wide range of load carrying capability.

This gimbal has gear-driven tilt axes configurations to meet the performance requirements of specific application. Stepper or servo motor versions provide the operating speed and accuracy for specific applications. 

The tilt axis can be equipped with a brake to hold axis position when power is removed. For large load applications, the gear-drive units provide significantly higher continuous torque output while the drive mechanism limits motion in the power-off state. The precision anti-backlash gearing enables this higher torque output while still maintaining excellent accuracy and repeatability performance.

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