SKF Induction Heater Makes Hot-Mounting Bearings Faster and Safer

The TWIM 15 will heat the bearing to the target temperature for hot-mounting.

The TWIM 15 will heat the bearing to the target temperature for hot-mounting.

December 17, 2019—

The TWIM 15 induction heater has been designed to simplify the hot-mounting process. Alberto Herrera, product development manager at SKF, says: “All the operator has to do is to place the bearing in the center of the heater and connect a temperature probe to the top of inner ring or workpiece bore. With the push of a button, the TWIM 15 will heat the bearing to the target temperature for hot-mounting.”

Induction heaters introduce heat into a component using alternating magnetic fields. These fields create currents in the bearing or workpiece, which heats up owing to its natural resistance to electric currents (the so-called Joule effect). The resulting increase in temperature causes the material to expand, allowing the bearing to be mounted without any friction or force. As soon as the bearing is correctly positioned and the temperature decreases, it contracts to its original form and creates the right interference fit on the shaft.

This process reduces risks of damage to the bearing, shaft and operator compared with other methods for heating bearings such as oil baths or open flame. However, some induction heaters can cause overheating, which can damage the bearing.

The TWIM 15 is fitted with a temperature probe, smart electronics and an advanced operating software, enabling the heater to optimize the heating process accordingly, ensuring that the bearing is heated safely and reliably. 

The TWIM 15 is more versatile and convenient to use than other bearing heaters. It features a flat induction plate that does not require the use of a support yoke and it can heat a wide variety of bearings and components, including sensitive parts such as bearings with reduced clearance.

Manufactured from rugged glass fiber-reinforced plastic, the TWIM 15 is lightweight and transportable, allowing it to be used in the field, and its user-friendly control panel enables it to be operated without any special training.

Brian Jagmohan, product marketing manager at SKF, says: “Bearings can fail prematurely if they are not installed correctly. Getting the temperature right during hot-mounting is a key part of avoiding untimely failures. What sets the TWIM 15 apart from other induction heaters is its performance and versatility. It is simple to use yet offers superior safety and reliability.”