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Feature Articles

Bosch Rexroth Celebrates 30 Years of Linear Motion Innovations
Bosch Rexroth began developing linear bushings, shafts, slides, and transfer tables as prototypes in the 1960s. The first two complete linear modules with linear guides in combination with a ball screw assembly and toothed belt drive as a ready-to-install subsystem were launched in 1990 -- a quantum leap in the linear axes range which had previously been dominated by components.

Leveraging Stepper Motor Linear Actuator Configurability
When designers and integrators need simple, flexible and compact linear actuation, they often turn to stepper motor linear actuators (SMLAs). The high configurability of SMLAs is among their greatest virtues, but sorting through myriad configuration options to tailor the optimal solution for a particular application can be a challenge for even the most seasoned motion engineer.

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An Aerospace Action Plan
Three Trends to Consider Heading into 2021

2020 PTE Buyers Guide
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Technical Articles

Efficiency and Heat Balance Calculation of Worm Gears
If torque conversion with high gear ratio, compact installation space and 90-degree axis-crossing angle is needed, often worm gears are used. Due to their high power density and sliding speeds within the tooth contact, frictional heat and thermal stresses are higher compared to helical, bevel and hypoid gears, and thus the thermal load capacity of worm gears is lower.

Rolling Bearing Performance Rating Parameters Review and Engineering Assessment
The main function of rolling bearings is to support load and transmit rotational movement with minimum energy loss. In order to achieve this, bearings are manufactured with particularly good quality fatigue resistance materials, proper design and tight manufacturing tolerances. Particular emphasis is put in both the macro, and micro geometry of the working shapes and surfaces of the raceways. Rolling bearings come in many types and sizes as ball and roller bearings for radial and thrust loads.


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