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Feature Articles

The Fundamentals of Specifying and Selecting Gear Drives
Gear drives deliver power to industrial equipment such as bulk material conveyors, mixers, pumps and paper mills. The reliability that translates into greater uptime and profitability begins by specifying and selecting the proper drives for these critical applications.

Considering the Mechanical Aspects of ATEX
For the past 30 years or more, designers have paid due diligence to the electrical aspect of hazardous atmosphere equipment design, but have often ignored the mechanical side. In recent years, the mechanical aspects of ATEX design have increasingly come to light. Not only do electrical power transmission products, but also mechanical power transmission products need to comply with the ATEX directive.

Cruising with Curiosity
Power Transmission Components from Forest City Gear, Kaydon Bearings and Maxon Motors help power NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover.

Power Transmission Buyers Guide
Our comprehensive guide to mechanical power transmission products.

Technical Articles

Designing Drive Systems for Low-Web-Speed Applications
This paper will look at the solutions that current drive and motor technology can offer in not only improving tension control but also solving several other issues that are inherent to systems with high ratio gearing.

Calculating Inner Race Diameter
In this Ask the Expert article, Hans Wendeberg from SKF discusses some of the things you need to know when calculating bearing diameters.

Effective Management Can Reduce Energy Costs Millwide
It’s as true in pulp and paper as it is in many other industries: the continued rise in energy prices has put a squeeze on margin and profits. Papermakers know that to maintain margin, they must effectively manage their energy costs.


Ron Popeil Would Be Proud (Publishers Page)
Managing Editor Randy Stott describes the "But Wait! There's More" approach to this year's Buyers Guide.

PTExtras (Other)
Take a look at some of the latest videos posted on, plus the most recent updates to our online buyers guide.

All About the Cliff (Other)
Brian K. Langenberg explains what's likely to happen in the economy over the coming months.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the December 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

PTDA Wraps Up 2012 with Successful Industry Summit (Events)
The PTDA Industry Summit, held on October 18-20, 2012 in Dallas, Texas, featured more than 700 participants for two-and-a-half days of networking opportunities and good old-fashioned Texas-style fun.

Calendar (Events)
The complete Calendar from the December 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the December 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

The More You Rock, the More You Rock and Roll! (Power Play)
The concept is simple enough. Take the traditional rocking chair, the one you’d find on a front porch or the corner of the living room, and give it a 2012 twist.