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Feature Articles

Saving Money with High-Efficiency Gearmotors
Standing in a factory or a warehouse, you're bound to notice machinery, whether it's a conveyor system that winds across the floor or large fans that hang from the ceiling. You may even notice automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots carrying parts, driving themselves from one section of the building to another. These machines are good candidates for using high-efficiency gearmotors, especially if they're expected to run for long stretches at a time. If they aren't using high-efficiency gearmotors, then they may be costing more money than they should.

Engineering Showcase - Gearmotors
Special advertising section from the October 2019 issue of Gear Technology.

Just Right Lubrication
Automatic lubrication systems are getting smarter, easier to use and pushing condition monitoring into the future.

6 Critical Grease Characteristics
Whether you design, build or maintain industrial equipment, it is likely you have encountered many types of bearing grease over the years. Lubrication plays a crucial role in virtually all operations, and certain key characteristics allow grease to perform its job better in demanding applications.

High-Performance Plastics
Custom PEEK Compounds have led to the development of transmission seals and thrust washers that offer lower wear, friction and temperature advantages.

Motors without Rare-Earth Magnets: What Are the Options
Lower-cost motor technologies exist that can be an attractive alternative to neo-based BL PM motors - and are not subject to unpredictable supply chains

Technical Articles

General Modeling Method of Power Losses in Transmission with Parameter Identification
In this paper, the models for different power loss sources in transmissions from literature are applied and compared, which form the two methods - ISO 14179-2 and the joint model to estimate the power losses in a transmission. A 2-speed transmission in an electric vehicle is used as a case study to compare the two methods and validate them with experimental data.

Validation Approach of PM Gears for e-Drive Applications
Key technical drivers which can be addressed by advanced PM manufacturing technologies are, for example, the need for system downsizing in transmissions and differentials, the need for developing systems with higher power density and the strong NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) requirements - especially for electrified transmissions or e-axle solutions.


Core Subjects (Publishers Page)
magazine. Instead of focusing on a specific industry, we focus on specific subject: namely, the mechanical power transmission components that drive many different types of machinery. So we find ourselves continuously writing about the same things: gears, bearings, motors, gear drives and so on. But this is a good thing.

Bearing Materials and Coating Trends (Ask the Expert)
What trends do you see in bearing materials and coatings that will benefit the power transmission industry?

Product NEws (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the October 2019 issue of Power Transmission Engineering, featuring new technologies from Timken, Applied Motion Products, LM76, Ogura, Portescap, Ruland Manufacturing, and Heidenhain

Power-Gen Alights on New Orleans (Events)
One show we might not talk about enough is Power-Gen International, one of the biggest U.S. trade shows in the energy industry you can attend that will be going on November 19-21 in New Orleans.

Calendar (Events)
The complete Technical Calendar from the October 2019 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the October 2019 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Geography Quiz (Power Play)
How well do you know your public gear art? Match wits with the Power Play travel team by trying to identify the locations of these awesome works of public art. Answers at the bottom of the page!