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Feature Articles

The Doomsday Clock is Ticking for Gearmotor Manufacturers
The secondhand on the Doomsday dial ominously spins around the face, slowly but ever so surely inching the motor industry towards its inevitable terminus:

Motor Management - Best Practices
Reducing losses and increasing profits by instituting a motor management plan is what this series of articles is all about. Here in Part I, we discuss how to create a motor inventory and establish repair-or-replace motor guidelines. Subsequent topics in this three-part series will address (Part II) motor failure policies and purchasing specifications, and (Part III) repair specifications and preventive and predictive maintenance, respectively.

Beyond Bearings Basics
There are thousands of sizes and types of standard bearings. In many applications, specifying a standard bearing yields an effective result.

Technical Articles

Space Shuttle Rudder-Speed Brake Actuator
The U.S. Space Shuttle fleet was originally intended to have a life of 100 flights for each vehicle, lasting over a 10-year period, with minimal scheduled maintenance or inspection. The first space shuttle flight was that of the Space Shuttle Columbia (OV-102), launched April 12, 1981. The disaster that destroyed Columbia occurred on its 28th flight, February 1, 2003, nearly 22 years after its first launch.

Is Splash Lubrication Compatible with Efficient Gear Units for High-Speed Applications
A thermo-mechanical model of a splash lubricated one-stage gear unit is presented. This system corresponds to a first step towards the design of a hybrid vehicle gearbox that can operate up to 40,000 rpm on its primary shaft. The numerical model is based on the thermal network method and takes into account power losses due to teeth friction, rolling-elements bearings and oil churning. Some calculations underline that oil churning causes a high amount of power loss. A simple method to reduce this source of power losses is presented, and its influence on the gear unit efficiency and its thermal capacity is computed.


Motor Madness (Publishers Page)
This issue we take a long, hard look at motor efficiency, and you should, too. After all, electric motors used in industrial settings are the single largest consumer of electricity in the United States. Upgrading your electric motors is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for your bottom line. Sure, saving electricity lessens the burden on our country’s energy infrastructure. But it also saves you money in the long run.

Global Industrial Outlook: Weathering the Storm (Voices)
We just returned from WEFTEC — the premier U.S. water and wastewater management show. Our recent discussion (Game Changer) highlighted the negative impact of low oil prices.

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Hand in Hand with the Times (Events)
Out of the endless tide of shows happening this time of year, SPS IPC Drives may not be the brightest blip on your radar.

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Meet Mayhems Master (Power Play)
Power Play patrons may recall last month’s drop-in at the Museum of Unworkable Devices — a virtual and pretty damn funny (www.lhup.edu) “celebration of fascinating devices that don’t work.”