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Feature Articles

Getting Creative
Beverage industry conveyor pours on advantages in distribution center. Case study describes the new conveying systems at Motion Industries Canada.

When a Good Gear Drive System Goes Bad
Even when the critical components of industrial power transmission gear drive systems are properly designed, specified and manufactured consistent with application requirements, performance problems can develop over time and failure may follow.

Have a Pump, Motor, Generator, Turbine, Compressor or Gearbox - There is a Bearing for That!
Waukesha Bearings is known internationally for its capabilities, technology, size and application experience in the rotating (turbo) equipment industry. Following is a brief selection guide intended to assist engineers, specifiers, integrators and others in choosing the right bearing—and bearing technology—for the application.

Technical Articles

Selecting and Sizing Ball Screw Drives
The ball screw drive is an assembly that converts rotary motion to linear motion and vice versa. The ball screw drive consists of a ball screw and a ball nut with recirculating ball bearings...

High-Frequency, GaN Diode-Free Motor Drive Inverter with Pure Sine Wave Output
This article presents the first kW-Class, 3-phase GaN-based inverter. Hard-switched at 100-kHz PWM, its heart is a 6-in-1 power module with 600-V GaN power HEMTs, achieving a new efficiency of 98.5%, a more than 2% improvement.


The Things that Move Us (Publishers Page)
You may have noticed that the magazine looks different this issue. The new look is part of an overall effort to refine our focus. We wanted to make clear to potential subscribers and advertisers how this magazine is different, why its content is important and where it fits in the marketplace.

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The complete Product News section from the October 2012 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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