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Feature Articles

Timken Addresses NVH Requirements in Bearings
As NVH technology advances, so do the tools that allow engineers to study, test, and manufacture bearings capable of delivering high-performance and quality.

Engineering Showcase - Bearings
In this special advertising section, Power Transmission Engineering features several of the world's leading bearings suppliers and their latest technology.

Schaeffler Readies Launch of End-to-End Wireless Sensor Solution with OPTIME
A discussion of the evolution of condition monitoring for bearings and the upcoming introduction of company's next-generation condition monitoring platform.

The Maintenance of High Quality and Taste
Valves help control temperature, pressure and viscosity for alcohol fermentation.

Help Wanted
Options available for those looking for safe, online/in-person gear knowledge.

Technical Articles

Comparing Data Sources for Condition Monitoring Suitability
Condition-based maintenance requires detailed state knowledge, often acquired by means of sensors.

Various Coil Configurations Used in Coreless Motors
Three-dimensional finite element analysis (FEA) simulation and research from published information is used to compare the features of various coil configurations.

Hybrid Transverse Flux Magnetic Motors - How to Measure Parameters
These versatile, low-cost and high-torque motors may be used open loop or as full servos - and several levels in between. The motor stator laminate designs divide these motors into those optimized for full stepping, and those optimized for micro stepping and servo operation. These differences can be easily measured with basic meters and oscilloscopes. Motor to motor variations can also be easily measured, and motor inductance at nominal speed and current can also be determined.


Bearings and Motors and Gears (Publishers Page)
Oh my. It's been another busy month here at Power Transmission Engineering, and we have another full issue for you. This time around we have a focus on bearings, with plenty of great examples of applications and technology from the world's leading manufacturers. Of course, bearings are essential to power transmission and a core subject we cover every issue. But when it's the focus, we like to attack the subject from multiple different angles.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the September 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the September 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Motors in Space (Power Play)
Components like motors, bearings and drives are subject to harsh environments on Earth, but they must be at the top of their game to enjoy space travel. Recent applications from Maxon Motors (Return to Mars) and the University of Michigan (Robotic Legs) illustrate the incredible requirements it takes to handle applications in space and how these components can be utilized here on Earth.