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Feature Articles

Stable and Streamlined
Gear drives focus on longevity, quality and customization.

Engineering Showcase - Gears and Gear Drives
Machinists Inc. is integrating the machinery, equipment and know-how of The Gear Works-Seattle Inc.

Gearbox Innovation Evolves in Step with Expanding Servo Market
Approximately one quarter of all servo motors around the world require some type of gear reduction in their applications. From large satellite dishes to precision medical devices, gearboxes boost torque and reduce speed for servos in order for them to be sized more efficiently. While gearbox fundamentals haven't changed much over the past 20 years, their effectiveness has improved significantly, driven mostly by the need to accommodate advancements in servo technology.

Pack Expo: Automation and Education
Ask any exhibitor at Pack Expo International and the co-located Healthcare Packaging Expo (Oct. 14-17 at McCormick Place, Chicago) why they're there, and you'll probably get the same response: end users.

Technical Articles

Monitoring the Health of Plant Machinery
Health monitoring or condition monitoring has been used for many years on machines and in plants where the cost of an outage is high. It allows failures to be anticipated and maintenance or repairs to be scheduled for the least loss of production, as well as avoiding unnecessary periodic maintenance.

Influential Criteria on the Optimization of a Gearbox, with Application to an Automatic Transmission
In the design of an automatic transmission gearbox, the variation of one parameter can result in different system performances due to the strong interdependencies among all components. For given transmission ratios, component lifetimes and safeties, or space restrictions, improvements in efficiency, noise, and weight can be achieved.

Prediction of Heat Generation in Transmission Bearings by Application of FEM
Heat generation in bearings is manifested by the power losses of the transmission. Because of the rise in temperature due to heat generation, the appearance of dilatation adversely affects the bearings' geometrical characteristics.


Purchasing Efficiency (Publishers Page)
You may have noticed a lot of merger and acquisition activity lately in the power transmission industry. What does it mean?

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the September 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the September 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Motor Insight: Anatomy of a Drone (Power Play)
The skies are full of them in 2018 - drones flying around amusement parks, job sites and even your own backyard. There are drone racing leagues on ESPN, drones capturing wide angle shots over film locations and government drones keeping a bird's eye view on the Mexican/America border.