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Feature Articles

The Cult of the Maintenance Evangelist
A man stands at a proverbial pulpit, dressed like a company executive but speaking like a fire and brimstone southern preacher.

Pushing the Envelope(s)
With advances in modern technology reducing demand for envelopes, manufacturers are finding it increasingly hard to justify investment.

Gear Expo 2015: Gears Galore!
You may well have already read the following Gear Expo description on the AGMA Website.

Gear, Gear Drive and Power Transmission Component Suppliers at Gear Expo 2015
Gear, Gear Drive and Power Transmission Component Suppliers at Gear Expo 2015

Technical Articles

Setting Techniques for Tapered Roller Bearings
Tapered roller bearings can be set at initial machine assembly to any desired axial or radial clearance. This unique feature enables a designer to control bearings to meet anticipated application operating conditions, and thereby provide optimum bearing and system performance.

Recalibrated Equations for Determining Effect of Oil Filtration on Rolling Bearing Life
In 1991, Needelman and Zaretsky presented a set of empirically derived equations for bearing fatigue life (adjustment) factors (LFs) as a function of oil filter ratings.


Top 5 Reasons To Go to Gear Expo (Publishers Page)
Gear Expo 2015 takes place October 20–22 in Detroit. If you haven’t already made plans to attend the show, you might be might be missing out on a great chance to learn more about gears, find new potential suppliers and network with your peers.

Global Industrial Outlook: Game Changer (Market Update)
The number one question today is: are the current low oil prices a near-term or structural development?

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The Museum of Unworkable Devices (Power Play)
Albert Einstein, it is said, defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”