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Feature Articles

Analyzing Contact Patterns for UAV Helicopter Transmissions
In a research project at the Vienna University of Technology, the KISSsoft design software was used to check a new drivetrain concept and the micro-geometry of the bevel gear stage for a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Using Couplings to Reduce Downtime
Downtime, downtime, downtime. When it's planned, it's bearable. When it's not, it's not. To maintain machinery, planned downtime is necessary. To fix broken equipment, unplanned downtime is excruciating, especially when your factory is running closer and closer to full capacity.

Engineering Showcase - Couplings
Special advertising section focused on couplings.

All the Small Things
Packaging and material handling applications are reaping the benefits of smaller, smarter and more efficient components.

Adapt, Embrace and Innovate at Pack Expo 2019
Pack Expo Las Vegas (Sept. 23-25; Las Vegas Convention Center), co-located with Healthcare Packaging EXPO, showcases the latest packaging technologies to help manufacturers improve operations and stay competitive.

Technical Articles

Lubrication of Plastic Worm Gears
In the selection of lubricating greases for plastic worm gears, the user needs to know the influence of each grease constituent on the tribological performance in order to choose the appropriate lubricant. In this work, the effect of NLGI class, viscosity, base oil and thickener type are investigated separately regarding the efficiency and temperature close to the tribocontact. With the help of this contribution the user understands the effect of each parameter and learns about the potentially reachable efficiency and temperature ranges.

CFD Simulation of Geared Transmissions with Injection Lubrication
In this study, a finite volume CFD simulation model of a single-stage injection-lubricated test gearbox was applied to investigate its oil flow and no-load power loss. The results provide physically plausible information on the oil supply and its distribution.


Invitation (Publishers Page)
I'd like to invite you to come visit us at Motion+Power Technology Expo. The show takes place in October at Cobo Center in Detroit, and we'll be there in booth #3826.

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The complete Product News section from the August 2019 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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Renewable Building Blocks (Power Play)
LEGO & Vestas Collaborate on Sustainability Project.