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Feature Articles

Couplings: Designed to Carry the Pay(load)
Couplings. There certainly is no shortage of couplings - or things to couple them with. There also seems to be no lack of applications for them. You say you need to reduce the transmission of shock loads from one shaft to another? That's a classic application for shaft couplings; but really, couplings are application-intensive. They're everywhere.

Thermal Growth Issues and Solutions for Shaft Couplings
Many refineries and chemical plants are built with large pieces of rotating equipment in an outdoor setting exposed to the elements. The author has been researching thermal growth issues for decades across North America.

Engineering Showcase - Couplings
This issue Engineering Showcase features some of the leading suppliers of couplings.

Mapping the World of Manufacturing
After decades of iteration, you might think manufacturing software suites are running out of new modules to add, but improving hardware is opening up new avenues for them to explore.

A One-Stop Manufacturing Shop
Hannover Messe USA Continues to Expand IMTS Portfolio

IAMD USA 2018 Showstoppers
Some of the booths at Hannover Fairs USA / IMTS 2018 that you won't want to miss.

Set It and Forget It
Pneumatics Ensures Reliability in Packaging Application

The Clean Cut
JBT Corporation benefits from Kollmorgen Hygienic motor design in food and beverage application.

Food & Beverage Industry Product Round-Up
Some of the latest power transmission and mechanical motion products specifically designed for food and beverage applications.

Technical Articles

Electrical Stress and Parasitic Currents in Machine Elements of Drivetrains with Voltage Source Inverters
Modern drivetrains with voltage-source inverters not only offer advantages like, for example, variable speed operation, increased efficiency and higher dynamics, but also an increase in failures caused by induced parasitic currents.

Holistic Simulation of Gearboxes - System Simulation
Gearboxes are important assemblies within mechatronic systems. During the design phase of such systems it is essential to know the gearbox behavior under consideration of dynamic interactions with its environment. Holistic system simulation helps the engineer to understand this and to improve, adjust, or optimize gearboxes and their application.


Where to Begin (Publishers Page)
A big trade show can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many important suppliers to talk to, it's often hard to know even where to start, let alone how to plan a strategy to maximize your time spent.

Product News (Product News)
The latest products from Kluber Lubrication, Joral, Igus, Portescap, Rexnord, Gearing Solutions, Nord, Rheintacho, GWJ Technology and Miki Pulley.

Calendar (Events)
The complete technical calendar from the August 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the August 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

About as Big as it Gets (Power Play)
The Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60.