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Feature Articles

Is Maintenance Included in Your Strategic Plan
Few would now argue that what some may have perceived just a few years ago as “Chicken Little” stories regarding the depletion of this country’s skilled manufacturing workforce are now in fact firmly based in stark reality.

Turning Science Fiction Into Fact
Fans of Arthur C. Clarke may remember a concept in his 1979 novel, The Fountains of Paradise, of an orbital elevator used to raise payloads from the ground to a satellite as a more cost-effective means of transporting material to outer space.

Nine Manufacturing Trade Shows Under One Roof
Industry leaders will gather to showcase their latest technologies September 23–25, in Rosemont, IL. Presented by trade show organizer Canon Communications, National Manufacturing Week comprises nine manufacturing shows.

Motion System Management
Companies focus on customization and quality in linear motion

Technical Articles

Calculating Pressure Concentration Factors
Using FEM to develop better keyless locking devices.

Bearing Repair Provides Valuable Alternative To Bearing Replacement for Heavy Industries
When a bearing is damaged, it is often removed from service and replaced before it reaches its full, useful and economical life. Advancements in bearing design, materials, bearing maintenance and repair methods have greatly improved the potential for and popularity of bearing repair as an effective way to extend the life of the bearing.


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Meet Harry - The Kinematic Kegler (Power Play)
Seven-Foot-Tall bowler throws strikes for scientific research.