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Feature Articles

Bogus Bearings Still on a Roll
Counterfeits continue to vex big-name suppliers

Making the Smart Choice in PT Components
The Latest Clutch & Brake Technology Looks at Reliability, Cost and Design Specifications.

Stober Survey Examines Manufacturing Infrastructure Updates
How to determine if your facility needs an overhaul. Includes a Q&A with experts from Stober Drives.

Where We Stand
The automotive industry is on the precipice of a shift. Here's what the future looks like and what you need to know to prepare for it.

Linear Bearing CAD Models and More On the Fly
Here's what one supplier is doing to take advantage of the mobile phone in your pocket.

Technical Articles

Baldor Motor Basics: Part 12
The final installment in our Baldor Motor Basics series covers 50 Hz requirements, as well as motors wet or damp environments.


Buyer Beware (Publishers Page)
No one likes paying too much for anything. Everyone wants to get a better deal. That's why you shop around before buying a new car. That's why you look at sale advertisements before buying a new refrigerator or big screen tv. The bigger the purchase, the more you want to compare prices.

Product News (Product News)
New servo drives, gear pumps, stepper motors and more.

The One-Stop Shop for Automatic, HEV and EV Drives (Events)
CTI Symposium USA Examines North American Transmission Market Strategies

Calendar (Events)
The complete technical calendar from the April 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Momentum in Wind Power (Events)
Coming off of a stellar 2017 for the wind power industry, Wind Power 2018 is all about carrying that momentum forward.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the April 2018 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

It's a Jungle Out There (Power Play)
Harsh environments and saltwater properties tend to make it difficult for motors, gearboxes and engines to perform consistently at a high level.