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Feature Articles

Meet Norm Parker - Bearings Blogger
In case you missed them, following are three recent blog postings by our popular PTE bearings blogger - Norm Parker. We also felt that, should you not be a blog follower, this would be a good way to introduce you to Norm's bearings wisdom. Parker is currently the global senior specialist/roller bearings at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

The Science of Radial Shaft Seals
SKF Product Investigation Center Troubleshoots Critical Rotating Equipment Applications with Analysis, Research and Testing Procedures.

Controlling Backlash in Mammography Systems
Medical imaging equipment, water handling systems, conveyors, robotic systems and rotary and linear actuators are among the many devices that may be fitted with electric friction brakes to hold their loads in place when the power is off or disrupted.

Technical Articles

The Hidden Cost of Incomplete Hydrodynamic Bearing Maintenance
Reliability and maintenance engineers can improve uptime and save money on both long-term maintenance and downtime costs by properly diagnosing and correcting bearing vibration issues when they exceed their acceptable limits. This requires inspecting the housing as well as the liner for wear, and replacing them as a pair when the housing is worn, so that wear-in between the mating surfaces can occur.

Performance Testing of Composite Bearing Materials for Large Hydraulic Cylinders
Large hydraulic cylinders (LHCs) are integral components in the functioning of large machines in mechanically demanding, corrosive and abrasive environments, such as offshore drilling rigs. The materials utilized in these largescale hydraulic systems must deliver reliable performance throughout their expected lifecycle.

Baldor Basics: Understanding Torque
In the process of applying industrial drive products, we occasionally are misled into believing that we are applying horsepower. The real driving force is not horsepower - it is torque. This paper is developed to impart a deeper understanding of torque, its relationship to horsepower, and the types of loads we most frequently encounter.


Bearing Good News (Publishers Page)
This issue's focus on bearings includes a number of important and informative articles about one of the most key components in any machine design.

Gear Materials (Ask the Expert)
A reader wants to know how to figure out the fatigues strength, tooth root tension and other technical values of new, high-performance gear materials.

Product News (Product News)
Clutches and Brakes take center stage in the April 2017 edition of Product News.

Doubling Down and Forging Ahead (Events)
After getting positive feedback on changes made to the show last year, AWEA Wind Power is doubling down and taking their ongoing transformation even further.

Calendar (Events)
The complete technical calendar from the April 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
Corporate and personnel announcements from the April 2017 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Battle Bots - Victorian Edition (Power Play)
Airships, gears, robots, steam power and buzzer-beating theatrics highlight the 2017 FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition known as FIRST Steamworks.