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Single-vendor sourcing has probably never been more attractive to businesses of all types—especially manufacturing—than it is today. The concept makes perfect sense, especially for companies that buy power transmission and motion control components. Big dollars and perhaps even bigger safety issues ride on the quality, performance and reliability of the components used for any number of applications.

The SKF High-Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Th e ISO defi nition of a full- complement bearing states that the bearing does not have a cage. When that defi nition was written, it was not technically possible to have a full-complement bearing with a cage. But SKF’s new high-capacity cylindrical roller bearing combines the load-carrying capacity of a fullcomplement bearing with the benefi ts of a bearing with a cage (Fig.1).

Replacing Motors, Counting Savings
Th e total U.S. electric motor base exceeds 100 million motors and consumes more than 50% of all electricity generated in the country. Small motors—fractional horsepower to 20-hp—comprise 99% of the motor population but consume only 25% of all generated electricity (Refs. 1,3,10,14).

Plastic Replacing Metal in Coupling Applications
When it comes to selecting a connecting element between a drive motor and a pump unit, engineers most often choose an elastomeric coupling because of its failure protection and its vibration damping capabilities. Elastomeric couplings, traditionally manufactured with metallic hubs, feature a rugged and robust design noted for its simplicity.

Stop the Presses!
Today’s newspaper advertisers demand vibrant, attractive color printing, and newspaper printers are constantly looking for methods to improve printing processes to meet these demands. When it comes to improving the printing process, the key component is to choose the right printing press.

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