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Feature Articles

New Opportunities and Technologies Allow AC Motors to Enhance Motion Control Applications.

Engineering Showcase - Motion Control
Special advertising section focuses on motion control.

Shielding Sensors
Dust, lubricants, extreme weather. No matter what environment your sensors operate in, there are bound to be elements you have to protect them from. Here's how Heidenhain designs their encoders to specifically meet those challenges.

Smart Couplings Remove Guesswork from Measurements in Machinery Applications
Quite often, the collection of precise data in drive technology applications can be problematic. Data monitoring in a rotating drivetrain is difficult because a direct networking cable connection is often not an available option. Nothing sends shivers down the spine of for example, a production line manager or a system integrator like uncertainty. That's why achieving precise measurement of things like torque and other parameters in machinery applications is, while daunting, a dearly desired goal, especially if those measurements are only available at the drive and motor.

Power - and Sand - to the People
Zach Rountree's life would be a lot easier if his job site was closer to town. As the owner and president of Rountree Construction, he oversees an operation that pulls 200 tons of material an hour out of a remote lake in Stockton, Georgia. Big equipment demands three-phase power, but out in the remote timberlands of rural Georgia, only single-phase power was available.

Technical Articles

Improvement of the Noise and Vibration Behavior of an Electromechanical Brake Booster - an Integral Approach
The automotive world faces a tremendous change. Autonomous driving and electrification are two big topics in this context that are pushing this change. The demand for higher comfort, higher safety and tightened environmental requirements drive as well the technological change from former mechanical actuations to electro-mechanical systems in new vehicles. This can be observed especially for braking and steering systems.

Hybrid Transverse Magnetic Flux Motors - AKA Stepper Motors and Hybrid Servos
This is the first of a series of articles on permanent magnet transverse magnetic flux motors - AKA step motors. These articles will be covering the development history and the various drive technologies used with these motors - both open and closed loop.


Disinfecting the News Cycle (Publishers Page)
Staying sane is tough when the world seems so crazy, and having your brain plugged directly into the news cycle doesn't help. I know it's not healthy to keep refreshing my news feed. But the coronavirus has everyone scared, myself included.

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The complete Product News section from the March 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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The complete technical Calendar from the March 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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The complete Industry News section from the March 2020 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

The Coolest Cylinder in Michigan (Power Play)
You might not expect a humble cylinder to garner more attention than a luxury boat or a giant, shiny stage prop, and yet thatâ??s just what happened in Michigan's latest contest celebrating local manufacturersâ?? contributions.