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Feature Articles

All for One, One for All
Collaboration moves bearing modeling and simulation software forward

Gear Design Software, Engineer Beware
When software goes bad, what do we call it? System failure? Human failure? A virus? A number of words will work. How about this? Glitch. It has that onomatopoeic quality that fairly screams, Downtime! And with good reason -- software-generated miscalculations can have very expensive -- if not perilous -- repercussions.

Technical Articles

Specifying a Gear - Ask the Expert
A reader asks what are the required parameters to properly specify a gear.

How to Spec a Mill Gear
This paper outlines the design considerations that go into construction of a drive system in order to explain the importance of specific data, why it is required, and where design freedom is necessary. Apart from loads and speeds, interface dimensions and site specific conditions are also needed. Deciding up front which gear rating practice to select can affect the torque capacity of the drive train by ~15%.

Influence of Gear Loads on Spline Couplings
Involute splines are commonly used in gearboxes to connect gears and shafts, especially when high torque is transmitted through the coupling. The load is shared among multiple teeth around the coupling circumference, resulting in higher load capacity than a conventional single key. However, the total load is not equally shared among all spline teeth, mainly because of pitch deviations resulting from the manufacturing process. The load distribution along the spline engagement length is also nonuniform because of tooth misalignments and shaft torsional effects. This paper presents an investigation of the influence of spur gear loads on the load distribution of spline teeth.


Make the Connection (Publishers Page)
Recently I had a disturbing conversation with a colleague here at the office. During the conversation, it became clear to me that my co-worker -- a really intelligent guy whom I respect a lot -- had no idea how even the most simple electric motor works.

Product News (Product News)
The complete Product News section from the February 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering

Fluid Power Free-for-All (Events)
IFPE offers the right balance of technology and education.

Calendar (Events)
The complete technical Calendar from the February 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Industry News (Industry News)
The complete Industry News section from the February 2014 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

Galactic Housekeeping (Power Play)
With the constant push for sustainable and environmentally friendly procedures on Earth, you'd think we’d apply the same rules high above it.