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Nichiei Company, Ltd.
Nichiei excels at molding highly functional, precision gears, as small as 2mm, and as precise as .15 module & AGMA Grade 11-12. We also specialize in metal/plastic insert molded gears, as well as precision bearing shafts and retainers, and offer capabilities for small, medium and high volume applications. Plastic gears and bearing components offer many advantages over metal, including lightweight, low noise, low friction (without additives or coatings), corrosion resistance and lower cost. Nichiei has developed this precision injection molding capability over a 30 year period, and has learned that the key to our success is offering a fully integrated solution, from material recommendation, to mold flow analysis, to mold design and manufacture, to prototyping and production, and then to final part inspection. This high level of integration insures we can meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Read more Or visit http://www.nichiei-ind.com/english/index.html

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