PETOL Gearench

PETOL Gearench - Designed around the gear milling process, our central Texas facility offers reverse engineering, remanufacturing of unknown gear geometries and profile modifications to standard and custom designs in both ASE and Metric gears. Customer service is a top priority for PETOL Gearench. Our focus is to get the customer what they need in a timely manner.4450 S. Hwy. 6
Clifton, TX 76634
United States
Phone: (254) 675-8651
Fax: (254) 675-6100


PETOL Factory

Customer service is a top priority for PETOL™ Gearench. We focus on getting the customer what they need in a timely manner. Located in central Texas, our full-service gear milling facility is capable of producing standard and custom external involute gear forms including but not limited to Helical, Double Helical, Spur and Herringbone. In the past, our gearing was directed toward the oil and gas industry. Our new facility and equipment enable us to offer services to other industries such as aerospace, agriculture, and general industrial gearing.


  • Reverse Engineering of ASE and Metric tooth forms
  • Up to AGMA 12 Quality Level (Standard 2000-A88)
  • Tooth Profile Modification for prototypes or production
  • Custom Metrology
  • Gear Inspection Services
  • Prototype Manufacturing


  • 2" - 16" OD pinions up 64" in length
  • Up to 58" OD gears and 20" face width
  • Metrology: (X)62" x (Y)118" x (Z) 55"


    • DMC 160 FD duoBLOCK® – 5 axis vertical Mill-Turn
    • DMU 80 FD duoBLOCK® – 5 axis vertical Mill-Turn
    • CTX Beta 1250 TC Linear – 5 axis Turn-Mill
    • NT 5400/1800 DCG® – 5 axis Turn-Mill
    • PRISMO® Navigator – 3D CMM with rotary axis


  • ISO9001:2015 Quality System Compliant

PETOL™ Gearench is able to produce both large and small gears in addition to complex and rare or obsolete parts by custom metrology and reverse engineering. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirement. 254-675-8651.