Centritec Seals, LLC

291 Boston Turnpike
Bolton, CT 06043
Phone: (860) 643-1531
Fax: (860) 646-2645
Contact: Douglas Rode, Managing Director

Web: www.centritecseals.com

Centritec Seals designs and manufactures the world’s only centrifugal, pressure-driven, non-contact shaft / bearing seals. This patented design prevents lubricant leakage by using centrifugal pressure to pump the lubricating fluid back into the seal’s rotating containment chamber. This continuous pressure creates an impenetrable barrier and eliminates seepage. When two seals are installed back-to-back, not only are lubricants kept in, but containments – such as snow, dirt, water and dust – are kept out. The seal can be used on both horizontal and vertical shaft application. Simply stated, the Centritec Seal ™ technology’s proven value 1)Reduces equipment outages 2)Lowers maintenance costs 3)Saves energy