NES Bearing Co., Inc.

NES Bearing Co., Inc. - Napoleon Engineering Services specializes in Custom Bearing Manufacturing, Bearing Inspection and Bearing Testing.  NES is AS9100C Certified and is your one stop stop for custom bearing product.1601 Johnson St.
Olean, NY 14760
Phone: 716-372-6532
Fax: 716-372-1448


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Napoleon Engineering Services (NES) is located in Olean, NY, seventy miles south of Buffalo in the heart of the Allegany Mountains. Founded in 1997, by current President and Chief Engineer, Chris Napoleon, NES specializes in Custom Bearing Manufacturing, Bearing Testing, and Bearing Inspection providing valuable products and services to many industries including; aerospace, drive train, agriculture, oil and gas, electric motor, automotive and heavy equipment, to name a few. Napoleon Engineering Services's primary goal is to provide solutions for your bearing related issues. Whether it be supplying a specialty bearing product or providing information regarding evaluation of bearing quality, NES is proud of the fundamental part it takes in providing solutions for customers needs.

Napoleon Engineering Services's custom bearing manufacturing program combines the capabilities of a large bearing manufacturing facility with the precision and attention to detail of a small bearing shop. Our complete bearing manufacturing capabilities allows us to manufacture specialty bearings complete in as little as 12 to 20 weeks. NES also performs a wide range of bearing modifications to provide customers with custom bearing solutions that reduce application down time.

The highlight of our Bearing Inspection Department is our Source Qualification Inspection (SQI) Program which allows the client to qualify new suppliers through a series of extensive inspections. The unbiased SQI program is used by companies, in a variety of industries, to determine the design intentions, manufacturing capabilities, and quality of workmanship among different suppliers.

NES prides itself on being the largest independent Bearing Inspection and Bearing Testing facility in the United States. Housing over 100 bearing testing positions, NES has the capabilities to test any ball or roller bearing, including rolling elements and seals. To ensure the bearing performs in its application, NES can custom design a test rig that fits your bearing and application. An extensive in-house testing facility provides clients with valuable information about the performance and expectation of their products.

Built on the ideals of short lead times, quality products, and engineering excellence, Napoleon Engineering Services's offerings can provide companies with an advantage that only NES can offer. Experience the NES advantage, and find out how we can help you with your bearing needs.