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NSK Corporation - NSK is a global manufacturer of bearings and other motion & control products. It operates 51 manufacturing facilities worldwide and 12 global technology centers of excellence that draw from world-leading industry knowledge and manufacturing experience. NSK's dedication to engineering innovation results in state-of-the-art products designed to improve performance and extend service life. NSK's unique Asset Improvement Program helps customers improve productivity and efficiency to significantly reduce operating costs. The company's industry and process-specific expertise and solutions are applied to identify and solve problems that are limiting productivity. This enables customers to achieve improved performance, enhanced competitiveness and increased profitability.4200 Goss Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Phone: (888) 446-5675
Contact: Heather Strack

Web: https://www.nskamericas.com/en/industries/industrial/power-transmission.html

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Longer Bearing Life, Longer Service Intervals: NSK Bearings for Power Transmission

For companies requiring long-lasting and low-maintenance performance from their gearboxes and power transmission equipment, NSK bearings deliver significantly extended service intervals for reliable and consistent output. Featuring super-finished raceways, advanced seals and lubricant technologies, and optimized internal design, NSK bearings deliver higher capacity, higher speeds, and increased bearing life for gearboxes, compressors, pumps, and motors.

  • Engineered for mission-critical process machinery
  • Dramatically increased service life
  • Reduced operational overhead
  • Comprehensive support infrastructure

Through R&D investment in advanced materials and tribological research and development, NSK is producing a vast range of bearings with significantly reduced internal friction and more compact geometries. The results: reduced power consumption, operating noise levels, heat generation, and wear.

With the industry’s most advanced range of high performance bearings for power transmission, backed by expert field technicians whose sole focus is optimizing your bottom line, NSK delivers smooth, stable, energy-efficient and long-lasting productivity.

For tough, high-speed, long-life power transmission solutions, visit NSKAmericas.com.

Visit https://www.nskamericas.com/en/industries/industrial/power-transmission.html