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Lafert North America - Your best source for Metric Motors, Gearboxes and Coolant pumps, by providing quality products with the highest level of service in the industry.5620 Kennedy Rd.
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Company Description:

Your best source for metric motors, gearboxes and coolant pumps, by providing quality products with the highest level of service in the industry.

Flexible speed solutions are made easy with Lafert’s comprehensive and versatile product line. Lafert maintains success in providing an exceptional service level with an extensive range of quality, high performance and high reliability products, replacing the oddball foreign motors that are sometimes quite costly to repair and difficult to source. With over 50 years of proven performance, Lafert’s power transmission products will let you push through even in the most demanding applications.

Lafert North America - The Full Spectrum - Planetary Gearboxes

Product Information:

Planetary Gearboxes (NRG)

  • Modular design with compact subgrouping for simple ratio replacement (maximum of 4 reduction stages)
  • Strip resistant gears with oversized bearings
  • Superior sealing for leak prevention
  • 6 sizes available with 4 available input & output configurations
  • Direct, Foot Mount and Flange Mount options
  • High Performance units suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Ratio range up to 3657:1, 25000Nm maximum output torque, 270hp maximum input power

Right Angle Worm Gearboxes (MI)

  • Versatile highly modular gearboxes with ability to have output flanges, base mounts and torque arms factory/field installed
  • 12 sizes with vast array of different mounting positions
  • High Performance: 3000Nm maximum output torque, 75hp maximum input power
  • Ratios from 7.5:1 up  to 100:1
  • High reliability – Housings for frame sizes up to 80 are built in light weight, rugged, pressure die-cast aluminum. Sizes greater than 80 boast a sturdy cast iron housing tailored for heavy-duty applications

Right Angle Worm Gearboxes (MU)

  • Light weight, rugged square die-cast aluminum housing
  • Ratios from as low as 5:1 to as high as 100:1
  • Available in (INOX) Stainless Steel design – suitable for IP56 Food Processing applications
  • High Performance: 885Nm Maximum Output Torque, 25hp maximum input power
  • Optimized tooth to gear angles for superior vibration reduction and silent operation

Mounting Accessories for Worm Right Angle Gearboxes

  • Output flanges, torque arms & bases are all modular for most frame sizes
  • Solid output shafts available in single sided and double sided style
  • All mounting kits available in stock

Helical Inline Gear Reduction (MNHL)

  • Modular design with compact subgrouping for simple ratio replacement
  • Foot or output Flange Mounts available
  • Greatly adaptive to applications with 10 sizes and 3 input variations
  • Integral motor units available for constrained spaces
  • Strip resistant gearing, oversized bearings, superior seals and high tensile strength casing for Heavy Duty applications
  • Wide array of mounting options
  • Ratios to 466:1, 280hp maximum power input, up to 12000Nm maximum output torque

Mechanical Speed Variators (MKF)

  • Versatile highly modular variators that can be matched with a large range of gearboxes with the ability to have flanges, base mounts and torque arms factory/field installed; up to 200 versions and 7 styles are available
  • Specially reinforced heavy duty casting
  • 100Cr6 formulated steel alloy Planet and Races immersed in oil guarantee optimal transmission
  • Input powers up to 15hp, maximum output torque 6000Nm
  • Output can be set to 0rpm even when motor is running! (optional zero differential device required)
  • Standard output speed (using a 4 pole motor 60hz) 228-1200rpm

Bevel Helical Gearboxes (MBH)

  • Modular design with compact subgroups for simple maintenance
  • 9 sizes available with 4 input variations
  • High grade, strip resistant gearing, oversized bearings & superior seals
  • Casing designed for heavy duty industrial applications
  • Input power range 390hp, 14000Nm maximum output torque
  • Ratios up to 226:1 with wide range of mounting positions
  • Integral motor design available for applications with space restrictions

Shaft Mounted Gearboxes (RP2)

  • High Tensile Strength casting for Heavy Duty applications
  • Premium quality steel gears, high strip resistant
  • 15:1 to 30:1 available ratios
  • Performance: 1000Nm maximum output torque, 185hp maximum input power
  • High Versatility: Up to 8 sizes with wide array of mounting possibilities
  • Oversized bearings

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  • Custom made shafts
  • Wash-down duty motors IP56 & IP67
  • Motors treated for service in corrosive atmospheres
  • Special voltages & frequencies
  • Thermistors or Thermostats added to windings
  • Anti-condensation heaters installed
  • Special mounting options (increased/reduced flanges in stock)
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