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Subject : Your requirement for Standard, Flame Proof & Customised 3 Phase AC motors Dear Sir, We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of 3 Phase AC Induction motors in the brand name of New India. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company and are in this motor business since 1958. Our specific range of motors is as under: The Superior range is available from frame sizes 56 to 315L in 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 & 16 pole – from 0.125 HP to 270 HP. Also available are motors with CE mark Product Range Standard Squirell Cage motors 0.125HP to 270 HP – upto 315L frame Energy Efficient Motors 1HP to 30 HP – upto 180L frame as per Level II norms Flame Proof Motors Type e, x & n 0.125HP to 75 HP – upto 250 frame Brake , Lift / Crane & Hoist motors 0.125HP to 60 HP – upto 225M frame Options of motors with AC or DC fail safe brake Or DC normally off type brake. Rectrifier is provided on request. Cooling Tower motors 0.5HP to 270 HP – upto 315L frame speeds like 1500 rpm , 1000 rpm, 750 rpm, 600 rpm, 500 rpm, 425 rpm & 390 rpm Dual Speed and Multi speed motors 0.125HP to 215HP – upto 315L frame speed ratios as large as 1: 6 Textile, Carding Loom & Rapier machine motors 0.5HP to 20 HP – upto 160L frame Ring Frame Motors 2HP to 25 HP – upto 180L frame Universal Torque motors 0.125HP to 10 HP – upto 160L frame upto 30 min stall time. ( upto 50 kgmt torque) Geared Motors ( Geared Brake motors / Geared inverter duty motors) 0.25HP to 270 HP – option of helical / plannetory gear box Inverter duty motors (with option of force cool attatchement) 0.5HP to 150HP – upto 315L frame Vibratory Motors Ginning motors & Thressor motors Guidelines to order customized motors: Special Features available on request Mechanical features : Combinition mounting, Special mountings , shaft extensions and dimensions, hollow shaft, key way ( splindes ) shaft material ( EN 9, EN 24 or of specific SS grade ), paint , nameplate design. Electrical features : Supply voltage option ( 110 volts to 600 volts ) multiple voltage, variation in frequency ( i.e 60 Hz or any other ), polarity options ( 10 poles to 18 poles ), special protection ( PTC thermistior ) insulation class H or higher and Alluminum body. Other specific literatures and briefs available for more technical details. We request you to go through the above and let us know your requirement of motors. You may also take our help to develop a customized motor for a specific application to suite your machine requirements. We at New India are well qualified and have a vast experience to achieve your motor needs. We are known for our prompt deliveries and very efficient after sales technical support. We assure you to profit from us . We have a well established Machine shop , Rotor diecasting div. Stamping Div and a state of the art ultra modern fully computerized testing setup. All this ensures our superior and consistent quality of each and every motor dispatched from our plant. We market our products throughout Indian to dealers and OE’s , also we have exported thousands of motors to all the leading and neighbouring countries