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Pack Expo Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging Expo offers more than 1,500 exhibitors to showcase the latest new materials, technologies and solutions to address the packaging and processing needs of over 20,000 attendees from 40-plus vertical markets. With multiple free educational platforms and countless networking opportunities, the event will provide endless prospects for exchanging ideas and professional growth. Pack Expo Las Vegas 2021 takes place today until Wednesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Check out the following exhibitors if you’re attending the show:

NORD Offers Latest Drive Solutions

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will exhibit their new, innovative drive solutions at Pack Expo 2021, with a focus on products for the packaging, material handling, and intralogistics industries. NORD’s goal is to provide future-ready, highly efficient systems and components that keep equipment functioning smoothly and reliably for many years. These specialized solutions will be on display in NORD’s Booth SU-7535:

IE5+ motors are focused on maximizing efficiency, with a compact footprint that can be installed quicky and easily, even in small spaces. With these motors in place, operators can experience energy savings, reduce product variants, and minimize operating costs for their applications, especially where operation at partial loads and low speeds is common.

When IE5+ synchronous motors are utilized as a part of the LogiDrive complete drive system solution they create an energy efficient, maintenance-friendly solution consisting of an efficient gearbox, permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), and a decentralized variable frequency drive. Plug-and-play decentralized technology makes installation and maintenance extremely easy and the LogiDrive system also maintains operational efficiency at partial load and low speeds, making it the ideal solution for intralogistics systems.

NORD’s new DuoDrive is an integrated gear unit/motor concept that combines a high-efficiency IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit in one housing. Due to its optimized system efficiency, high power density, and quiet operation, it is extremely well-suited for intralogistics systems. Together with its simple Plug-and-Play commissioning, DuoDrive solution can provide a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to other drive systems.

The new NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives were developed to meet the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology and for use with the new IE5+ synchronous motor (NORDAC ON+). They are characterized by an integrated universal Ethernet interface, full Plug-and-Play capabilities, and a compact, space-saving design. NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives are a reliable, economic solution for IIoT environments.

The NORDAC PRO is the variable frequency drive for all applications. The future-ready nature of the NORDAC PRO is shown by its modern connectivity such as the use of an SD memory card as a storage medium for parameters, firmware and operating data, as well as a USB interface which enables parameterization of the inverter when the power is switched off. The optional Bluetooth interface rounds off the operating convenience. Use of the latest component technology enables a very compact design with a very small footprint that saves space in the control cabinet.

Small CLINCHER units include the SK0182.1, 0282.1, and 1282.1/1382.1 and are offered with a standard die-cast aluminum housing. Additionally, the SK1282.1/1382.1 units are also available with a cast-iron housing, which is required for the NORD Screw Conveyor Package and Spread Bearing Designs (VL2/VL3). Additional design flexibility has been made possible by offering two mounting executions: a B14 face flange/foot mounted version and a B5 flange version. Within each mounting style, there is an execution to match the mounting and shaft dimensions of legacy NORD product and an execution to match common competitor equivalents.

Festo Highlights Simplified Motion Series

Festo features its innovative Simplified Motion Series (SMS) at Pack Expo, September 27-29, Las Vegas, Booth #6132. New in 2021 for these all-in-one integrated-drive axes is IO-Link control that can be used for cost-effective, multi-position applications.

SMS represents an engineering breakthrough that combines the simplicity of pneumatics with the benefits of electric automation. SMS takes proven ball screw axes, toothed belt axes, mini slides, electric cylinders, piston rod, and rotary actuators and integrates them with an onboard servo drive. Users commission two-position functionality via onboard push buttons with no additional software needed.

When controlled with IO-Link, which is a standard feature of SMS axes, positioning along the axis length is infinitely variable. When used like this, SMS axes offer a cost-effective alternative to more expensive and complex traditional servo motion. Low cost when compared to traditional servo motion solutions and setup as simple as pneumatics opens the door to applications that have previously been cost prohibited to electrics, including conveyor material handling, and applying electric motion in mobile applications.

Via IO-Link, technicians can remotely adjust movement parameters, including infinitely variable positions and speed. They can also copy and backup functions for parameter transfer and read functions of essential process parameters.

A greater look inside SMS

SMS actuators are applied in positioning, indexing, clamping, feeding, and cut-to-length tasks where electric automation adds proficiencies and value. Ordering, inventory, and replacement are streamlined as all of the components are integrated into a single unit with a unique part number. Units in the series include: ELGS-BS ball screw, ELGS-TB toothed belt axis, EGSS mini slide, EPCS electric cylinder, EPCE compact electric cylinder, ERMS rotary drive, and ELGE toothed belt axis.

Festo used 50 years of knowledge in simple motion based on pneumatics and applied it to electric motion for an equivalent level of ease of use. SMS opens the door to creative new solutions that benefit from the flexibility of low-cost and easy-to-commission electric motion.

Both Digital I/O (DIO) and IO-Link control come standard with each unit. With DIO control, there are two positions available – home and a configurable end point. As stated above, IO-Link offers flexible positioning along the axis, like a traditional electromechanical axis.

PLC set up for DIO control is identical to programing a digital pneumatic valve with two digital outputs and two digital inputs. One digital output extends the axis and the other retracts it. And the digital inputs indicate when the axis has reached the extended position or the retracted position, just like proximity switches would function on a pneumatic actuator. This similarity to a pneumatic valve simplifies PLC programming, reduces the number of I/O typically required for servo-controlled motion, and speeds up installation of single and multiple units. Integrated position feedback eliminates the need for proximity sensors.

B&R Industrial Examines Latest Motion Control Technology

B&R Industrial Automation (Booth C-4709) will present its latest packaging solutions at the industry’s premier event, PACK EXPO. B&R specializes in standards-based, scalable and modular control systems integrating logic, motion, robotics, human-machine interface (HMI), safety, I/O and data acquisition in a unified software development environment.

With ACOPOS 6D, B&R heralds a new era of manufacturing. Magnetic levitating shuttles move individual products freely through the machine. Gone are the days when conventional transport systems imposed rigidly defined timing on the production process. ACOPOS 6D is ideal for small-batch production with frequent changeover between products of different designs and dimensions.

ACOPOS 6D is based on the principle of magnetic levitation: Shuttles with integrated permanent magnets float over the surface of electromagnetic motor segments. The modular motor segments are 240 x 240 millimeters in size and can be arranged freely in any shape. A variety of shuttle sizes carry payloads of 0.6 to 14 kilograms and reach speeds of up to 2 meters per second. They can move freely in two-dimensional space, rotate and tilt along three axes and offer precise control over the height of levitation. Altogether, that gives them six degrees of motion control freedom.

Mitsubishi Electric Answers End User Challenges in Packaging Applications

From filling and labeling to bagging and palletizing, our automation products and solutions span the needs of the consumer packaging industry. End users are challenged to adjust to rapidly changing consumer demands, and OEMs are challenged to incorporate the latest technologies to improve the effectiveness of their machines.

Come see Mitsubishi Electric (Booth SL-6661) and learn about the Pak/iQ portfolio of products and value-added functions specifically designed to improve the performance and ultimately lower the total cost of deploying smart packaging machines.

Developments include updates to the MELSERVO-J5 Series like the “quick tuning” function that allows users to quickly and reliably tune their servo mechanism in approximately 0.3 seconds. The servo amplifier sets the speed loop gain and suppresses machine resonance through the servo on command. No tuning experience is required because gain values are automatically generated, reducing machine setup time and effort.

MELSERVO-J5’s new and improved features unlock benefits across various industries. Industry leading communication cycle time combined with a 3.5kHz speed frequency response rate ensures precise, responsive movement and short settling time. Compatibility with CC-Link IE TSN facilitates IoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise and enables time synchronization across all connected devices at one gigabyte per second (1 Gbps). The MELSERVO-J5 Series is also able to meet any axis requirements, from single axis to a 256 multi-axis system, due to its scalable synchronous axes—while all the motion modules are programmed in a single software environment.

The FR-E800 Series features a built-in PLC, and will include safety functionality meeting IEC 61508 standards and support various networks, including Ethernet/IP, MODBUS/TCP, and the soon-to-be-released CC-Link IE TSN. The FR-E800 Series is designed for engineering, technology, and product managers in industries such as packaging, material handling, food and beverage, and water and pumping, as well as those who are adopting PM motors to improve their energy efficiency.

The FR-E800 is built upon Mitsubishi Electric’s proven variable speed control technology through years of reliable operation across various applications. It incorporates advanced capabilities in a compact footprint allowing for bookshelf style mounting. Additional features include extended programming functions, advanced fault detection features, and auto-tuning of PM motors for applications where energy efficiency is extremely important. The auto-tuning function includes configurable parameters to reach optimum performance, higher torque, faster acceleration, and lower noise level for quiet operation. This results in efficient control of motors and equipment to meet or exceed energy efficiency regulations.

For those OEMs that use induction motors in their equipment, the FR-E800 can control both induction and PM motors, helping to consolidate inventory and spare part management. The drive series is also dual-rated for light duty and normal duty, which may help achieve desired performance in smaller frame sizes.

Emerson Monitors Packaging Machines and Subsystems

Branson DCX-F Offers Performance & Flexibility in a Compact Power Supply

Data access is the number one factor influencing IIoT and smarter factories. Because of this, OEMs building and supplying packaging machines are selecting components and subsystems based on their ability to fill this need. One example of this kind of technology is the Branson DCX Series of ultrasonic welding automation power supplies from Emerson. Along with patented power supply circuitry that provides significant benefits in performance and consistency, the DCX-F system supports real-time data transfer via EtherNet/IP and Profibus fieldbus protocols, two of the most widely used automation protocols.

In addition, DCX supports remote control and diagnostics via a standard HTML-based communication interface, so users can perform remote product setup, custom I/O configurations and system diagnostics. The DCX also supports the demand for higher packaging throughput through multiple power levels, tiered control levels (four control levels with up to five weld modes), a special DCX-HD high-dynamic option that provides greater control in high-speed packaging applications, as well as Balun technology, which expands the weld area and can also help increase throughput. In addition, the DCX provides enhances flexibility via multiple weld modes in a compact, automation-friendly form factor. These form factor options allow for integration across horizontal, vertical and rackmount installation environments.

AVENTICS Flow Sensor Monitors and Measures Air Consumption

All too often, packaging lines operate without any way to monitor and measure their air consumption. When machines use more compressed air than needed and leaks go undiagnosed, manufacturing facilities waste energy and prematurely wear equipment. The Emerson AVENTICS Series AF2 flow sensor monitors air consumption in pneumatic systems, enabling actionable insight around air consumption and leakage. The leakage rate can be monitored by looking at the used air volume, so leaks can be diagnosed early and addressed before they become major issues. By giving end users actionable insights on machine data such as flow, pressure and temperature, the AF2 helps to optimize energy consumption, prevent machine downtime and reduce costs. The AF2 is a highly flexible flow sensor that can be directly interpreted by many controllers, and offers multiple communications options, including an IO-Link connection, Ethernet connectivity, OPC-UA server, MQTT communication and on-board webserver. The sensor can be fitted on new installations and its seamless IoT integration makes it perfect for retrofitting existing machines.

Transmitter Provides Accurate and Reliable Measurements

Emerson will also showcase the world’s first Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter designed specifically for food and beverage applications with IO-Link connectivity.

Emerson has developed the Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter, which provides accurate and reliable continuous level measurement. The radar features a hygienic compact design, Fast

Sweep Technology and hybrid communications, helping manufacturers maximize their production capabilities, reduce product losses and ensure food safety.

Industrial PC Boasts Increased Performance Capabilities

PACSystems RXi2-BP industrial PC delivers rugged, mid-to-high-range performance computing, powered by AMD Ryzen processors for increased performance and faster storage, improved graphics and enhanced security features—all in a surprisingly compact footprint. Emerson’s IPC includes a patented thermal design, enabling 100 percent CPU performance across extreme temperature ranges without throttling. Performance benefits of RXi2-BP are enhanced when paired with PACEdge and Movicon software, providing HMI, historian and analytics applications right at the machine or edge. Stop by Booth SL-6307 for more details.

Siemens Caters Modular Solutions to Factories of the Future

The demand for filling and packaging lines is growing worldwide, particularly in emerging and developing countries. The trend toward individualized packaging requires dynamic, flexible plants with high throughput rates. As a specialist for the packaging industry, Siemens (Booth SL-6356) offers future-oriented modular solutions as well as complex motion control. Here are some highlights:

Siemens Extends Range of Servo Drive System

Siemens has added new servomotors to its proven Sinamics S210 single-cable servo drive system, thereby expanding its range of applications. Specifically, for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries, the Simotics S-1FS2, a motor version with a stainless-steel housing, the highest degree of protection IP67/IP69, and high-resolution 22-bit absolute multiturn encoders.

The servomotor thus meets all hygienic conditions and can be used for mixing and stirring, air conditioning and ventilating, dosing and filling, as well as conveying, packaging and storing a wide variety of end products in the food and beverage sector and in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Simotics S-1FK2 servo planetary gearmotors also complement the Sinamics S210 drive system. They are used when high cycle rates need to be achieved with a lightweight and low-inertia gear design, or when inertia matching is required to move heavy loads precisely. The motors are ready mounted and as a unit available in a wide range of gear ratios and sizes, allowing them to be optimally adapted to different applications. Thermal dimensioning is done via the digital twin in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Selection Tool.

With the Simotics S-1FT2, Siemens has a servomotor that offers a wide range of different options for the Sinamics S210 servo drive system. For example, encoders with a resolution of up to 26 bits improve system accuracy, and the high IP67 protection rating, and various motor coatings make the solution suitable for use in harsher environments. In addition, new machine options, such as higher rated speeds, are available for extended use.

The Sinamics S210 servo drive system consists of a servo converter and servomotor. All motors of the servo system are connected via a single cable that combines power wires, encoder signal and brake in one line. The range of applications includes highly dynamic servo solutions such as those found in handling systems, packaging machines and machine building applications. To meet the high demands on motion control functionality in these applications, for example dynamic positioning, gear synchronization or cams with multiple axes, the system works perfectly with the Simatic S7-1500 controller via Profinet IRT.

Packaging Toolbox

The Siemens’ Packaging Toolbox is now available in its entirety for the Simatic S7-1500 controller in the TIA Portal engineering framework. It offers users packaging specific libraries which can be integrated into existing or new machine applications as well as program blocks. The Toolbox supports international standards such as OMAC, PackML and Weihenstephan Standards. By adding or modifying function blocks it can be adapted to suit individual requirements, while at the same time saving the user time during engineering and commissioning through tested functions and software solutions.

The Siemens’ Packaging Toolbox is now available in its entirety for the Simatic S7-1500 controller and supports international standards such as OMAC, PackML and Weihenstephan Standards.

The toolbox comprises basic functions, technology functions and international standards. Typical Basic functionalities that the toolbox provides are axis control, TCP/IP communication, acyclic communication and alarm handling. The Intelligent Belt technology function enables sequentially arriving products to be picked up and made available in groups at an unloading position. The Intelligent Infeed application is used to pick up products arriving in a continuous but irregular flow and make them available to the downstream station with defined and equal gaps between them. The Form, Fill and Seal library contains functionalities for the overall coordination of foil feeders, dosing units, and cross sealers in horizontal and vertical applications.

Bosch Rexroth Focuses on Latest Automation Technologies for Packaging

Bosch Rexroth (Booth C-5214) will showcase a new world of automation with its ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, making automation as easy as using a smartphone. Machine builders and end users can virtually eliminate the boundaries between machine controls, the IT world and the Internet of Things with the flexibility to add new automation functions and updates via apps to create complete Industry 4.0 automation solutions.

The heart of the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform is the ctrlX CORE, the most consistent, open and flexible control platform in the industry. With a Linux real-time operating system, open standards, app programming technology and web-based engineering, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30% to 50%.

The new platform is ready for standardized and manufacturer-neutral interfaces. In addition to EtherCAT, the system also supports PROFINET and IO-Link. The ctrlX CORE also supports more than 30 interfaces to IT systems such as OPC UA and MQTT, ensuring seamless communication and connectivity — from field level up to the cloud. With ctrlX WORKS, the Bosch Rexroth software toolbox, users can also easily assign ctrlX AUTOMATION apps or their own apps to the control.

The ctrlX AUTOMATION platform also includes ctrlX DRIVE, a new generation of servo drives that utilizes cutting-edge power technology and integrated functionality that previously required extra space, enabling users to achieve space savings of up to 50%. ctrlX DRIVE can support as many as 20 axes per meter width, making it the most compact modular drive system on the market.

On September 27 from 3:00 to 3:30 pm, Bosch Rexroth will present “Easy Machine Development and Customization with an Open Automation Ecosystem and App Store” at the Innovation Stage 2 (Booth C2058).

Imagine a new world of automation where pre-engineered solutions and ready-to-use apps speed up time to market and reduce or eliminate development effort. Learn how an open automation ecosystem fosters innovation and helps businesses to perform automation tasks more flexibly and individually than ever before. Bosch Rexroth will discuss how a smartphone approach to industrial automation can make automation easy and accessible for machine designers and support end users over the entire machine life cycle.

Regal Showcases Latest Technologies at Pack Expo

Regal Beloit Corporation, a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-efficiency electric motors and power transmission products, today announced it will showcase its System Plast iCOF condition monitoring device for food and beverage conveyor lines. (Booth SU-7262).

For manufacturers running a manufacturing line, especially a dry running line, friction is a key factor for the proper handling and flow of containers. The iCOF condition monitoring device is designed to monitor the condition of a manufacturing line or a part of it by measuring the coefficient of friction (COF) of a chain or belt while it is running. It returns the average value and trend of the COF. The goal is to maintain line efficiency and an optimum cleaning regime.

“The iCOF device can be used in any conveyor, where a stable friction is the critical point. In dry lines, this value can more easily be affected by several factors, including the cleaning conditions of the conveyors,” said Brad Gossard vice president and general manager, PTS Conveying, Regal. “Inliners, feeders or the points where the containers change their speed quickly are the areas to watch. The iCOF condition monitoring device can also be used in mass conveyors to keep the back-line pressure under control.”

The iCOF device can be mounted on a conveyor and integrated in the line control system. Without any operator intervention, the system will independently measure the friction at regular intervals. With these data, it is possible to calculate an average value and the related trend and set alerts to take corrective action.

The iCOF condition monitoring device is compatible with Profinet protocol and Ethernet. The iCOF design fits with standard 85 mm pitch conveyors. Its compact and firm structure, made in high strength steel (AISI 304), is completely closed and waterproof, offering the best resistance to cleaning agents. The easy and quick replacing of wear parts, a low tension and current absorption (24 V, 400 mA, 10 W) ensure reliability and operability.

In addition, Regal recently announced a new, easier way for users to procure its broad offering of Perceptiv sensors, software and services by bundling them into four tiered, easy-to-understand packages and introducing three service tiers. Now customers with varying degrees of asset monitoring needs will find it easier to match their requirements with Regal® internet of things (IoT) solutions.

Regal’s extensive IoT offering consists of four classes of connected products and sensors along with three analysis and reporting service packages. These offerings can be customized to meet a wide range of customer needs in almost any industry, including food, beverage, material handling, aggregate and heavy metals. The four classes of connected products and sensors include entry-level asset management services for companies in the early stages of IoT implementation, as well as highly engineered products and services to monitor mission-critical equipment.

The Modsort Trident has a four-zone infeed that gaps a product, reads the package, and sends it down a belt, where it then diverts left, right or straight on a 30-degree spur-curve to one of three sorting locations. The Modsort Trident is a Regal concept and a continuation of its Modsort technologies, which is known for its quiet operation. Modsort technologies include the Modsort Station (individual transfer), Modsort Derivatives (with expanded sort capacity) and Flat Sorter Systems (with a complete mobile and expandable solution). The Modsort Trident three-way sortation system includes additional mechanical variations to this turnkey solution.

“The Modsort Trident is ideal as a secondary sortation station in a fulfillment center and works well with parcel post, e-commerce and warehouse distribution applications,” said Jeremy Fryman, SystemPlast product manager, Regal. “This sortation system can accommodate up to 50 cartons per minute on average, with a weight limit of 50 pounds. It utilizes a 34 inch wide (between frame) x 66 inch long triple-belt divert for polybags, boxes, flats and some types of totes. Modsort Trident technology uses 24-volt DC power and requires only a simple power drop and Ethernet connection to customer warehouse management solution. Designed to be mobile (the unit comes on heavy duty casters) and can be redeployed if needed to another location.”

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