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Couplings Offer Concentricity for Precision Applications

Ringfeder Power Transmission recently released its GWE 5113 and 5117 series of elastomer jaw couplings which include a compact hub design, low moment of inertia and excellent damping properties. Thanks to this combination of features, these new couplings are ideal for linear technology, robotics, conveyor systems and other precision-driven applications.

Featuring two single-slit clamping hubs made of high-strength aluminum, the 5113 model facilitates installation, while its symmetrical clamping slots and screw positions ensure an even distribution of mass. With this optimized design, the coupling offers superior concentricity and eliminates any radial loads that can damage the bearings of the motor shaft. This hub design is also featured in the 5117 model, which includes an expanding mandrel for friction-locked torque transmission on hollow shafts.

Other features and benefits of the 5113 and 5117 models include:

Low mass and an even weight distribution due to their special aluminum hub.

Superior concentricity and uniform vibration- and shock-damping power transmission, owing to the symmetrical arrangement of the clamping slots and screw positions, as well as the unslotted cam area.

Compact design, making units ideal for small or confined installation spaces.

Precise, backlash-free torque transmission up to 560 Newton meters.

Seven available sizes with wide bore diameters from 4 to 56 millimeters.

Adjustable misalignment capabilities, damping properties and torsional stiffness levels, thanks to bored and unbored elastomer spiders that range in Shore hardness levels from 80 Shore A to 64 Shore D.

Optional coupling hubs with keyways to DIN 6885-1 or standard inch dimensions.

Laser marking for easy traceability. These markings include the coupling type designation, manufacturing date and screw-tightening torques.

Optional ATEX compliance for explosive areas.

In addition, Ringfeder has applied QR codes to these couplings starting from size 19, providing users with quick, convenient access to assembly and operating instructions via a mobile device.


Introduces New Brushless Motors and Motion Control Solutions

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) is launching a series of brushless DC servomotors, AGV motors, controllers, and integrated motors.

Whether it is a 600 kg or 1,200 kg AGV application that demands substantial torque or a compact solution for precision automation application the brushless DC motors (BLDC) are designed to meet a range of requirements. The 24V and 48V motors are rugged IP rated, quiet, and highly efficient. For demanding applications where rapid acceleration and deceleration is needed, SDP/SI now offers two premium brushless servomotor series. These provide an all-in-one solution, offered in 5 frame sizes, rated speeds up to 6,000 rpm, with brake, gearhead, and feedback options they are used in systems requiring reliability, high torque density, and low noise. Integrating the brushless servomotor is now even easier with the user-friendly motion controller software interface combined with low, mid, and high-power controllers offered in single or dual channel configurations. To cover any system requirements SDP/SI also presents a wide range of AGV accessories: such as optical flow sensor, magnetic track following sensor, and controller network communication options.

“SDP/SI offers custom design, manufacturing and a wide variety of component choices for the engineer and OEM,” said Robert Kufner, president and CEO of Designatronics, Inc. “The addition of these motors with brushless technology, speed and torque flexibility provides our customers with a reliable, cost-effective servo control solution. As applications change and industries evolve we will continue to provide products that suit our customer’s needs and the engineering expertise to set their ideas into motion.”

“SDP/SI continues to develop and supply components and custom engineered solutions that improve productivity and quality for our customers,” said Doug Kerester, vice president of sales and marketing, Designatronics. “The brushless servomotors are the latest addition to our catalog designed to offer a diverse line of products with a wide range of available options.”


Presents LubeAdvisor Mobile App

The new LubeAdvisor mobile app helps ensure optimal bearing lubrication. Designed for iOS and Android mobile devices, LubeAdvisor quickly and accurately calculates the optimal lubrication amount and interval for bearings.

Developed by the engineering experts at Schaeffler, LubeAdvisor has been designed to take the guesswork out of bearing lubrication using the smartphone-based convenience customers have come to expect.

Available free in the App Store and on Google Play, it offers an intuitive interface and simple-to-perform calculations. Using LubeAdvisor is quick & easy:

  • Select the appropriate bearing number and grease type from the app’s dropdown menus.
  • Enter the applicable operating parameters.
  • LubeAdvisor instantly calculates the optimal lubrication quantity and time interval for the selected bearing.

LubeAdvisor helps keep bearings operating at peak performance with just a few clicks on any iOS or Android mobile device.

Atlanta Drive Systems

Announces New Range of Steel Washdown Gearboxes

Atlanta Drive Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a new range of stainless steel washdown gearboxes, perfect for use in demanding applications in the food and beverage, meat and poultry, marine, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are ideal for applications that have direct contact with food products which require washdown under high pressure and are available with ATEX and IP69k protection.

They are offered in three levels of corrosion protection depending on the environment they are exposed to: Coated Aluminum (Z-Series), Stainless Steel Shielded (L-Series) and Stainless Steel (I-Series).

The gearboxes are available in reduction ratios from 5:1 to 102:1, with output torque capacities up to 480 lb.ft. and input powers up to 5.4 hp. Stainless steel motors are also available for use with these gearboxes.

Unit design benefits include: housings with smooth surfaces, stainless steel 316L output shafts, viton seals with stainless steel 316L shield, hardened & ground gearing, all stainless steel 316L hardware, closed stainless steel 316L protection cap with o-ring, and fully modular IEC and NEMA C motor flanges.


Presents Drivetrain Diagnostics System

With OnCare.Health Vorecon, Voith presents a new data diagnostics system that goes one step further than conventional machine protection systems do. It learns, monitors, and performs diagnostics in real time. By means of typical signal patterns, the system first learns the reference state of the machine. Then it continuously monitors, records, analyzes, and evaluates the relevant signals.

With the help of signal and trend analyses, the system predicts the future behavior of the machine. Significant changes are recognized and reported long before an alarm is triggered or a fault occurs. However, if faults do arise, their root causes can be quickly and precisely analyzed and eliminated based on the data.

An easily accessible and user-friendly interface helps the user to keep an eye on all operating data, times, and states of the Vorecon. The user thus receives in-depth knowledge about the machine’s behavior under various conditions. From the data in OnCare.Health Vorecon, Voith generates a monthly service report containing extensive performance diagnostics for the machine, including a servicing and maintenance recommendation. This not only ensures optimal stocking of spare parts but also allows service to be scheduled based on the machine state and not according to a fixed cycle. OnCare.Health Vorecon thus helps to increase the availability of the relevant drivetrains and at the same time lowers maintenance costs.

OnCare.Health Vorecon can be easily installed locally and connected via fieldbus to existing IT infrastructures. An internet connection is not required. Data are also not saved in a cloud. The communication channels meet the highest security standards required for critical infrastructures.


Updates Bearings App

SKF has updated the app that gives users instant information on super-precision bearings. Super-precision manager app allows users to scan a code on the product packaging, or on the bearing itself, to access product data, mounting instructions and measurement reports. It also includes information on when and where a bearing was manufactured, for enhanced traceability.

The app has been updated with a new bearing matching function which enables each user to retrieve bearing data and combine universally matchable bearings into sets. This choice is critical when for example mounting bearings in spindle applications. The matched sets can be saved into a report for later use or documentation. The function has been added to the app following requests from customers.

“The app makes life easier because it saves time when accessing information,” says Sten Thunberg, project manager at SKF. “It also makes the documentation process much more efficient. There is less chance of human error, because data is not transcribed manually.”

Super-precision manager app is available in 15 languages, including both simplified and traditional Chinese. The app is typically used in machine tool applications, such as spindle repair and maintenance. It can be used in a variety of job functions. Customer service staff can use it to supply detailed documentation, for instance. Similarly, service staff could use the app to see what has been built into a spindle.

Access to this type of information can be further enhanced via SKF’s API (application programming interface) portal. The API connects to data — such as product characteristics — in a seamless, secure way. This allows users to build their own technical solutions around tools and machinery. Ultimately, this helps to increase the lifetime of assets and lower costs.


Introduces Sinamics G115D Distributed Drive System

With its new Sinamics G115D, Siemens is introducing a new, compact and powerful drive system specifically designed for horizontal conveyor applications. The drive system comprises the motor, drive and gearbox in one unit and is offered in two versions — wall-mounted and motor-mounted.

The Sinamics G115D drive system is characterized by a robust design with a high IP protection class (up to IP66 / UL Type 4X) and is suitable for use in harsh environments. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Sinamics G115D can be easily installed in confined areas. The drive system can also be operated reliably over a wide temperature range of -30 to 55 degrees Celsius (–22 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit), enabling operation in deep freezing applications.

Sinamics G115D is suitable for applications in intra-logistics and airports, as well as in the automotive and food and beverage industries. Its power ranges from 0.37 to 7.5 kilowatts (1/2 to 10 hp) for wall-mount applications and 0.37 to 4 kilowatts (1/2 to 5 hp) for motor-mounted applications. The drive system can be put into operation quickly and easily with comprehensive integration into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal including Startdrive commissioning software or the Sinamics Smart Access Module (SAM) web-server for Wi-Fi setup and diagnostics.

To be prepared for digital transformation and to enable cloud-based analysis, Sinamics G115D is integrated into the entire MindConnect portfolio and is compatible with MindSphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives.

Thanks to Profisafe, the Sinamics G115D has Safety Integrated in the form of STO (Safe Torque Off) SIL2, which standardizes and facilitates the certification process. For flexibility in terms of installation, service and maintenance, the solution is equipped with a plug-in connector and flexible connection possibilities. The device is particularly suitable for interaction with Simatic controllers such as the Simatic S7-1200 or Simatic ET200 for motion control.

Siemens offers warranty extensions for Sinamics G115D through its Service Protect package. As part of this service package, an additional one or two-year warranty extension may be purchased for failure coverage. The package offers simplified processing under normal warranty conditions for the extended period.


Expands MEGAsys Hydraulics Lineup

Gates recently introduced the MEGASys MXT with XtraTuff Plus cover (MXT-XTP), a universally applicable hydraulic hose, featuring Gates’ patent-pending wire-braid technology. MXT-XTP offers all the benefits of Gates’ industry-leading MXT hose–compact size, light weight, flexibility and high performance–with added durability from the company’s proven, industry-leading XtraTuff Plus (XTP) cover.

“Gates is known for innovation driven by materials science and process engineering expertise, and pairing that with the voice-of-customer and an ability to anticipate the needs of future applications sets us apart,” said Mike Haen, vice president, industrial global product line management. “MXT-XTP maintains the advantageous performance of our popular MXT hose line with the field-proven XtraTuff Plus cover. We continue to revitalize our premium MEGASys hydraulics portfolio by providing solutions for our customers’ most challenging applications.”

Gates’ lightweight, high-performance MXT hose is proven in the factory and field, around the world, being specified in by OEMs and used repeatedly by replacement channels. It’s 25 percent lighter weight than conventional hoses, making it easier to lift and handle, plus MXT is up to 49 percent more flexible, allowing faster and more ergonomic installations. Gates has enhanced the MXT hose with the optional XTP cover, maintaining MXT hose performance while adding 25 times the abrasion resistance and enhanced ozone resistance, as validated by a rigorous 800-hour ozone exposure test. The XTP cover was previously introduced as the standard cover on MXG 4K. MXT-XTP hose meets or exceeds relevant ISO, SAE and EN performance standards, is MHSA-certified for flame resistance, and is certified leak-free per SAE J1754 when used with Gates MegaCrimp couplings.

As a universally applicable premium hydraulic hose, MXT-XTP is suitable for the most demanding fluid power challenges across a broad array of industries and applications, including construction and mining, material handling, machining and metal processing, injection molding and other stationary machinery, agriculture and forestry, aerial lifts and more. Its broad applicability allows customers to simplify and consolidate inventory with a standardized, multi-use hose.


MAXXDRIVE Series Built for Tough Applications

The MAXXDRIVE portfolio from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers parallel and right-angle industrial gear units with high output torques from 132,800–2,301,200 lb-in, ratios from 5.54–30,000:1, and 2.5–8,075 hp across 11 sizes. In addition to this proven standard series, NORD also offers the new MAXXDRIVE XT series; right-angle gear units with thermally-optimized housings, output torques from 132,800–663,800 lb-in, ratios from 6.14–22,91:1, and 30–2,825 hp across 7 sizes. With a comprehensive selection of accessories and options, MAXXDRIVE’s modular system allows NORD to perfectly match drive systems to heavy-duty applications such as conveyors, mixers, agitators, or anywhere low speed with high power is needed.

MAXXDRIVE and MAXXDRIVE XT are designed and rated to international standards. Their UNICASE housings optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, reduce leak paths, have higher stiffness, and allow for multiple mounting surfaces. The one-piece housing also ensures that no sealing surfaces are subject to torque. MAXXDRIVE units are constructed with high-grade components including case-hardened and hardfinished gearing, C4, 42 CrMo4, or 18 CrNiMo7-6 steels, and an exclusive roller bearing system for quiet operation and longer service life. They also have high-precision axis alignment, resulting in smoother operation and reduced maintenance over time. Additionally, all bearing and sealing surfaces are machined in a single process, further promoting low noise and longevity.

Because MAXXDRIVE gear units are engineered based on a modular concept, they allow for a wide range of configuration and mounting options from NORD’s standard offering yet can be easily adapted for custom drive applications. For example, the combination of a NORD motor, gear unit, coupling, and braking system results in a complete, precisely-configured unit that can be supplied ready-to-install and pre-mounted on a motor swing base or other base frame. Alternatively, a motor can be attached via industry standard NEMA or IEC adapters. Various flange and output shaft options ensure the customer’s application is ideally matched and configurations are always based on the existing operating data of the application and on the ambient conditions at the installation site, giving customers maximum individualization, and creating reliable, versatile drive systems that meet their highest demands.

Faulhaber Miniature Motion Controllers

Offer Compact Design and Custom Options

With the new MC3001 motion controllers, available as MC 3001 B (board-to-board connectors) or MC3001P (28-pin plug connector), Faulhaber rounds out the MC V3.0 generation of controllers at the lower end of the performance spectrum. The controllers are extremely miniaturized and, with 1.4 amperes in continuous operation and up to 5 amperes peak current, are very powerful. They are designed as slaves for control and positioning tasks of DC-micromotors, linear DC servomotors or brushless DC-motors.

The new MC 3001 are unhoused versions of the Faulhaber motion controllers and, by means of the integrated output stage with optimized current measurement, can control DC-micromotors, linear DC-servomotors or brushless DC-motors from the Faulhaber product line from 6 to 30 millimeters. They are configured here via the Faulhaber Motion Manager software V6 (version 6.8 and higher). The EMC behavior of the new motion controllers has been certified by external laboratories.

With an overall height from 2.6 millimeters and a format from 16x27 millimeters, the new motion controllers are extremely miniaturized. They feature very high control dynamics and can be operated with 1.4 amperes in continuous operation and with up to 5 amperes peak current. With the new variants, the company has rounded off its motion controller portfolio at the lower end.

In spite of their extremely compact design, the just thumb-sized controllers feature the same functionality as well as the same interfaces (RS232 and CANopen) and encoder interfaces as the other more powerful products of the MC V3.0 generation. As an intelligent driver module, they are especially well suited for installation in customer-specific applications. The full thermal protection of the motors is ensured with the integrated thermal models and by means of the high PWM frequency.

The ideal fields of use of the new motion controllers of the MC 3001 series are applications from the areas of robotics, automation technology, machine construction as well as medical and laboratory technology. Applications in these areas often have limited space yet call for high control dynamics and high performance.

They are available in two variants: the MC3001 B can be plugged into a motherboard with three micro board-to-board connectors whereas the MC3001 P can be plugged in via a 28-pin plug connector. To help customers quickly and easily get to work on the development of their drive system, Faulhaber offers a starter kit that includes, among other things, a motherboard and makes it easier to get started. In addition, up to six different motherboard variants (depending on the variant of the motion controller and the used motor) are available. To meet specific customer needs, other boards can be created that may also include, e.g., an EtherCAT interface.

The motion controllers are designed for slave operation and can be easily and quickly combined with a number of higher-level master systems via standard interfaces.

After basic commissioning via Motion Manager, the controllers can alternatively also be operated at any time in stand-alone mode by means of integrated sequence programs.


Introduces New Tribo-Material Iglidur TX2

Igus now has the new tribo-material iglidur TX2 in its product range, which works without lubrication. Because even small excavators still need 50 liters of lubricant every year. The wound plain bearing bushings withstand very strong forces and increase wear resistance by a factor of 3.5 in load ranges with more than 100 MPa surface pressure.

Machines and agricultural vehicles: the construction or mining industries are exposed to challenging environmental conditions every day. Cold, heat, dust and dirt have a strong effect on the bearing points. The motion plastics specialist igus offers an alternative to frequently used metallic solutions with its plain bearing technology. Another material combination for wound bushings complements the range of injection-molded bearings in the heavy-duty range.

The tribo plain bearings made of high-strength filament fabric are used where very high loads occur. Here, the extremely strong filament in its specially interwoven design ensures maximum resistance and enables a maximum permissible compressive strength of 400 MPa. The newly developed material was extensively tested on the indoor and outdoor test rigs in the 3,800 square meter Igus test laboratory. Pivot tests on hard-chrome shafts showed that iglidur TX2 is around 3.5 times more wear-resistant than the standard heavy-duty material TX1. Like all iglidur plain bearings, iglidur TX2 is self-lubricating and operates dry. This prevents dirt from adhering to the bearing points. This reduces maintenance and repair costs, as well as machine failures due to insufficient lubrication. As the material is also very resistant to temperature, chemicals and moisture, plain bearings made of iglidur TX2 can be used in many other areas. Due to the freedom from corrosion and seawater resistance, they can also be used, for example, in moving applications in the maritime sector.

Diameters of up to 2,800 millimeters are feasible. In any case, the application of iglidur TX2 takes into account increased sustainability requirements, both underwater and onshore. “For example, according to the operators, even a small excavator needs between 50 and 60 liters of lubricants per year”, clarifies Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, head of the iglidur plain bearing technology business unit at Igus. “Since the iglidur TX2 bearings do not need lubrication, the customer benefits threefold: not only saving costs for oil or grease and maintenance time, but also no lubricant is released into the environment.” iglidur TX2 is available from May as a standard product range in the diameters 20 to 80 millimeters directly from stock.


Expands Motor Offering with Severe Duty XT

ABB expands the broadest severe duty offering in the market with the Baldor-Reliance Severe Duty XT motor.

The Baldor-Reliance Severe Duty XT motor is a true severe duty motor that bridges the gap between the ABB’s Baldor-Reliance General Purpose and XEX premium severe duty motor lines.

“When it comes to performance, the Severe Duty XT is a versatile option for what the industry expects as severe duty,” said Matt Rodebush, ABB’s NEMA Motors global segment manager. “With Baldor-Reliance Severe Duty XT motors, premium features come standard on a wide variety of configurations, so it’s easy to get up and running with a high-performance motor for the most demanding applications.”

Baldor-Reliance Severe Duty XT Motors are the solution to most severe duty application challenges. Severe Duty XT motors are built in Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma, and are available now from local inventory. These motors are easy to install and maintain and offer a wide range of standard features that cost extra on most other motors. Baldor-Reliance XT Severe Duty Motors, designed for protection and performance, come with the quality and reliability you expect from the brand you prefer.

The article "Product News" appeared in the June 2021 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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