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Engineering Extravaganza

Randy Stott, Managing Editor

This issue we present our Hannover Fair preview. As most of you know, Hannover is one of the biggest trade shows on Earth, and by far the largest that includes a significant focus on mechanical power transmission components.

I mean, there are complete halls of exhibitors waiting to demonstrate their mechanical components technology. The official Hannover Fair website lists more than 400 exhibitors of bearings, 350 exhibitors of gears and gear drives, 900 exhibitors of motors – you get the idea. Hannover isn’t just a big show. It’s the big show. Every other year, Hannover includes a strong focus on power transmission components, with its Motion, Drive and Automation sub-show. Because this is an MDA year, Hannover is especially relevant to us in 2015.

What’s more, Hannover Fair isn’t a trade show like we’re used to here in the United States. Over there, the exhibitors bring the goods. Visitors will see displays of enormous gearboxes, giant slewing rings, bearings taller than you are, and so forth. It’s not at all like a typical American trade shows where the local sales rep sets up a table-top display. Large global companies like SKF, Siemens and SEW-Eurodrive will erect exhibits that resemble small cities more than trade show booths.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Hannover Fair, I encourage you to go. The show takes place April 13-17. In addition to the exhibition, there is a comprehensive lineup of conferences and technical programs. This year’s focus is on Industry 4.0 and the digital factory. If you can make it to Hannover, I’m confident you’ll walk away with a much better appreciation for the depth and breadth of the global power transmission industry. And you’ll also get the chance to meet with numerous potential suppliers who might have the solutions you’re looking for.

We’ll be represented at the show by my colleague, Associate Publisher Dave Friedman. Dave will do his best to make the rounds and learn as much about as many of these suppliers as possible, and he’ll bring that information back here so we can share it with you.

In the meantime, please have a look at our show preview article beginning on page 26. We’ve spoken to the show organizers and some of the exhibitors to present you with some ideas about what you might find at this year’s show. Although we can’t possibly do justice in a few short pages to a show as large and as comprehensive as Hannover, we hope you’ll get a feel for the level of engineering technology that’s out there.

Speaking of engineering technology, we’ve put together a display of our own this issue, in the form of our second annual Engineering Showcase. It doesn’t compare with Hannover, of course, but we’re proud of it just the same. Check out pages 30-39 to see what some of the leading suppliers have to offer this year.

Finally, if you’re interested in looking for new potential suppliers, don’t forget to stop by We’re constantly adding new suppliers to the Buyers Guide, including, over the last couple of months: ATA Gears, Continental Conti-Tech, Framo-Morat, KTR Couplings, Nachi America, PSL of America, Rave Gears and Machining, Yieh Chen (Six Star Machinery) and more. These and hundreds of other premium suppliers of mechanical power transmission components are waiting to help you solve your engineering challenges. Why not visit them today?

The article "Engineering Extravaganza" appeared in the March 2015 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.

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