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Mechanical devices whose function is to alter the speed, torque and/or direction of rotating shafts.

Gear Drives Supplier Categories
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Aerospace Gearboxes
Automatic Transmissions
Automotive Axles
Bevel Gear Drives
Combination Drives
Custom-Built Gearboxes
Cycloidal Differentials
Cycloidal Drives
Differential Gear Drives
Dual-Output Differentials
Epicyclic Gear Drives
Epicyclic-Planetary Differentials
Fatigue Consultation
Gear Reducer Repairs
Gear-Shift Transmissions
Gearbox Housings
Gearboxes - Corrosion resistant
Geared Actuators
Harmonic Gearing
Helical Gear Drives
Helical-Bevel Gearboxes
Helicopter Gearboxes
Herringbone Gear Drives
Hollow Shaft Gearboxes
Hypoid Gear Drives
Inline Gearboxes
Manual Shift Transmissions
Marine Gear Drives
Miter Gear Drives
Multispeed Gearboxes
Non-lubricated Gear Drives
Planetary Gear Drives
Planetary Gearheads
Planetary Phase Shifter Differentials
Power Take-Offs
Precision Spindles
Rack and Pinion Drives
Register Control Differentials
Right Angle Drives-Clutching
Right Angle Drives-Reversing
Right Angle Gearboxes
Robotics Gearboxes
Servo Gearheads
Servo Reducers-Cycloidal
Servo Reducers-Spiral Bevel
Servo Reducers-Worm
Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers
Speed Control Differentials
Speed Increasers
Speed Reducers
Spiral Bevel Gear Drives
Spur Gear Drives
Tension Control Differentials
Torque Control Differentials
Traction Drives
Transfer Cases
Variable Speed Drives
Wind Turbine Gearboxes
Worm Drives